Nothing much happened today...

But what did happen was GREAT!!!!!

This girl has been collared by Mistress Eva :-))))))

Although i have tons of collars (22 to be precise) Mistress bought me a collar which i have to wear (big smile). After setting up this collar Mistress played a little with me.

After a while Miss O joined us (Miss O can see me on the map by allowence of Mistress Eefje). Mistress made Miss O second owner to my collar. I wonder what those two have coming for me.

A surprising development

Returning from seasonal holidays Miss Olivia came to me. We talked a little about the past days and She asked me about my equipment, especially in the "pain-department". We also talked about neck-corsets and i told Her i owned a few.
When Miss O was offline i put on a neck-corset and editted it in order to make it fit perfectly. On Her return Miss O immediately wanted to be entered as owner of the corset. Smiles. She had to leave for some time and when she came back online my dearest friend Eefje was with me. Miss O wanted to leave us alone, but i told her that wasn't necessairy and explained how Eefje and i had met (Eefje bailing me out of a randsom cage *smiles*). Miss O took us to Her home and we talked. It got late so i logged off and went to bed. On my logging on the next morning i found an IM by Miss O telling me to get into the slave-kennel under Her bed and wait there for Her or Eefje. Of course i did. hmmmmm, finally locked in again.......

At some point Miss O told me (from Her offline position) that She released me to wander around sl a bit; i decided to go and see to it that i could get some stuff updated. Before i could leave Eefje came around; we talked some and i told Her Miss O has summonned me to give Her acces to the neck-corset. I teased Eefje telling Her She could have done the same. We talked some about me wanting simply to be taken. Eefje responded by saying that She wants to have me around Her as often as possible. So She told me to make Her owner of my chastity piercings and my (RLV) boots, which i did. Of course. Later She ordered me to show Her some of my chastitybelts and choose one, which She locked. Finally She took control over my marsring and activated some restrictions: She took me *smiles happily*.

Mistress Eefje wanted to let Miss O beng able to operate my neck-corset and She expressed Her intention of enabling Miss O to (role-)play with me, to use me.
Later yesterday we met up with Miss O and it came clear to her the positions had been changed; apparently not to Her expectations. She looked hurt and sad, which certainly was not intended. Miss O appeared to feel much stronger about me than i realized. Both ladies talked and it came clear that Miss O was surprised by the new situation. Mistress told Miss O that She still could have Her way with me (*swallows*). I guess Miss O will need some time to regain her peace and get comfortable with the current situation. I am pretty sure though, that i will see more of Miss O in future. Mistress will not hesitate to leant me to Her.

Free at last....

After some crazy days i am free again. Olivia released me and although she tried to persuade me to stay a few day to recuperate i only wanted to return home as soon as possible.
Beside that, it is almost Christmas and i prefer the company of my family rather then Olivia's. Especially considering what she put me through; the whole thing appeared to be a set up with me as decoy.
But let me take you back some days: when i woke up i noticed a severely wounded man in the cell next to me, the blood seeping through his bandaging. Olivia had found him laying next to the cave; he appeared to be a casualty of the FBI-raid. Later (under influence of the truth serum Olivia gave him) this man confessed to be a russian and not, as to be expected, an american. The russians were following Olivia's moves for quite some time already since they were very interested in the crystals but had no clue where they were. Kidnapping me and letting me send that SMS to my family was a trap for them. The russians intercepted that SMS and since i wrote the coordinates of my location, they knew exactly where to be.
Olivia was conidering giving me the thruthserum as well, since she wanted to know whether my family (and therefore me) was involved with the russians. Fortunately i was able to talk her out of this. She believed me when i told her my family only owns diamantmines in South Africa. The reason of the "strange" reactions of my family, at least in Olivia's eyes, was simpy explained to her: i am not the black sheep of the family, but even member of the board of directors although we do not talk about that fact openly. I am the one that checks every new finding place on it's value. So that is the reason that my family cam to help me. The fact they didn't want to pay the randsome is explained even easier: when you pay you make yourself vulnerable for new kidnaps and that is something we cannot afford.
Anyway to make a long story short; i found Olivia undergoing a change in her attitude towards me, as if she liked me or even more..... I did not hesitate to use this state of mind to make it clear to her that i was of no use to her anymore and the best she could do was letting me go.
Olivia had a meeting with the inspector, the policeman of immigration services, that appeared only to be a cover for his actuall activities. I could overhear some things Olivia said, although i did not hear his words. I was strongly under the impression he wanted to "get rid of me" in a more permanent way, but Olivia was going against him. I could not believe the things she said. It almost felt as if she was speaking of one of her best friends. I was rather confused.
Then i heard Olivia say to th inspector that i had done very well: "....any normal civilian would have cracked under this pressure, but she survived and, better than that, she fought back and she got messages out on several occassions. I think she would make a wonderfull oo agent."
Some other girl, i didn't see her before, entered the room and she told me Olivia in fact is the highest in command of Interpol.......
After releasing me from my cage Olivia made me an offer: there is a sheik, who has a village of captive women from his white slave trade. Interpol is planning to infiltrate into that village in 2009 in order to free the girls and stop his activities, dismantle his organization. I responded by saying that i am a scientist not some sort of cowboy (cowgirl would be better i guess).
So we said goodbye and the helicopter took me to the mainland first and after that to the airport for me to return to my family.
Being home for Christmas.

A minor set-back

Olivia has put her experts on trying to crack my password in order to be able to send "ignore-my-previous-message-i-am-ok"-messages.
She has a few problems doing so: first off all her security-experts were so kind to leave the scrambling software (NASA's) on the MAC, so i could use that to really delete my data according to the US security standards.
Second: she does not know all people i send my SOS to.
And third i told everybody, that that would be my only message and that they should ignore any future messages allegedly coming from me. So i am in the clear. And still i don't feel assured. Since i could not give my GPS data this time my rescuers will need more time to find me. And in that time anything could happen.
For instance O has a slave that will happily feed me to O's black panther; O can transport me to a complete other part of the world, which would make it almost impossible to locate me or she can sell me, which sounds awfull too. I am a wellrespected scientist, not some slave!

Freedom glimmers

This morning i woke up by enormous noices, blasts (grenades?). It really scared me; since my cell was blinded i could not see anything. Fortunately i could hear a little and judging by what was said i figured that the FBI had come to free me.

After some time of blasts and screaming people Olivia showed up at my cage with a sort of fire-extinguisher and blew something towards me. I don't know what it was, but i suddenly got pretty hazy, so i am not quite sure what happened after that.
I do know she took me to the concrete shelter next to my cage and she make me climb down the ladder.

The first thing i know after that is being encaged in a glass sphere. The concrete shelter appeared to be a secret escape tunnel under the lake; Olivia has put explosives in it to cover her tracks.

There was a plate of fruit with me and a docter that had to eamin me, since Olivia wanted to know if i still am in good shape. She did drug me quite a few times and i guess she does not want "damaged goods". The docter told her i was still healthy.

At some point, after the docter had gone, Olivia had another visitor; i suddenly realized i was starvng, so i ate about all the fruit on the plate in my cage. Unfortunately i could only hear Olivia, but the things she said were far from reassuring. I decided i had to try to escape. Apparently she had the same thought, since she took my iPhone and got me whithout means of communication.
Probably to keep me busy Olivia gave me a MacBook; she told me that it was processed so, that i would not be able to send emails. After she had gone to sleep i did not hesitate to give it a try....
I was able to set up an account, but sening my email lead only to a pop up window with a sending-error message. Damn.

Slowly my strength was fading away and this disappointment made me cry my eyes out.
Waking up later on i had found new courage and a new idea: what if i could log onto the internet? I tried and i succeeded to get online. I set quickly set up my gmail account and logged in, sending my my HELP-message to anybody i knew, telling them Olivia still kept me caged. After that i deleted my account and went back to sleep. Now i only had to wait.

Preparing for the FBI

I did not see my abducter anymore today, but i did hear her. She seemed very busy organizing her defense, preparing for the upcoming FBI raid. She might have told me she they would not come, but apparently she is not too convinced of that herself.

When she had gone i could see a concrete structure, that looked like a sort of air-raid shelter. Would she put me in there, covered with grass so the FBI would not find me? Shivers ran down my spine.

Collected the shards of crystal

As planned i got busy collect the crystal shards today. Things went very smooth and within a couple of hours a was able to locate the various positions in Crystal Cave of all 7 colours: red, yellow, green, orange, blue, indigo and violet. So, much sooner as i had anticipated i could start getting them to the top level of the cave.
The first few waren't really a problem, but for every next shard i had to descent deeper into the cave; in no time had the red, yellow, green and orange shards where Olivia wanted them.

It was rather tiring and the thought came to mind why she did not assign some workers to me to do the hard labour for me. After i go the orange shard up, my legs were protesting so i decided to get a nap, which i did. When waking up i felt so refreshed, that i figured it was a good idea to continue collecting the shards: the sooner i finished my job the sooner i would be able to head home, as a rich woman. A quick inspection of the first crystals had learned me, that the shards alone already are worth a small fortune.
So i got back to it in a very good mood. The last three shards were deep into cave so, that took me quite a while and i had to take several breaks. The indigo shard, the biggest and heaviest of them all stood all the way down, on the bottom of the cave.

I noticed that there must have been people down here before: next to the indigo shard there was a very special crystal with fireflies. This crystal was protected by a sort of tent.

I should have wondered why they let me do this work for them; they had better let their workers drag the shards up. That way they could have set me up in a laboratory in or near the house, keeping the finding location hidden to me too. Anyway when Olivia showed up i was able to present her the collection of 7 shards.

She asked me my educated guess on the value of these things. I told her i had to examine them properly in my lab of course, but i could see that they probably would be worth a 6 figure amount each. She seemed happy with my progress and she mentionned the crystal in the tent. If i would like to have a look at it. What kind of question is that? Of course i wanted that! So, after we had a celebration drink we descended to the bottom of the cave.
We went down. Olivia seemed to know her way around quite well: where i took a wrong turn, she everytime knew where to go. Finally we were at the firefly-crystal. It was an amazing piece! The door in the tent wasn't locked and Olivia opened it for me. I did not enter, but kept standing in the doorway. Suddenly Olivia bumped into me from behind, i heard her say sorry and the next moment i was in the tent with the crystal; the door was closed and Olivia was standing outside. When i wanted to leave the door appeared to be locked and i couldn't get out! She had captured me!

Suddenly all the little alarmbells, that i had chosen to ignore, started to make sense.
I yelled and screamed and cursed her, nothing worked. Soon after that i began feeling dizzy: the bitch had drugged me again. While i was "away" she had taken picutres of me with Times Magazine as a proof of life: she had taken my hostage to get a huge randsom from my family.

I told her they would not pay, but it took her hours before she started believing they really will not pay to criminals like her. Realizing she would not get it her way, she tried thinking of new plans to get money for me. She thought of making me work, renting me out as some sort of whore etc.; the last option she was exploring, was selling me and for that she has a Sheik in mind. To get his juices flowing she wanted me to pose naked so she could send him some pictures of me.... I'd rather die than doing that.
After some time she left and i was on my own. She never realized i still had my iPhone and i was very happy that i recharged it last night. I used my build-in GPS to determine my exact location and i send the co-ordinates to my family and the FBI. I did not know if my message would reach them in time so i figured i should try to escape. I pulled over the crystal trying to use it's sharp edges to cut the tent open. At least that much that i can slip through it. The crystal was extremely heavy, but i succeeded to get a pretty large tear in the tentwall. Unfortunately Olivia returned before the tear was big enough to escape.
She got someone to repair the tear and summoned one of the workers (are they really workers?) to bring her heavy metal cage to set up over the tent, which makes it next to impossible for me to get out on my own.

After she had one of the workers get me a plate with fruit, they left me alone for the night. She got me really worried. When she will succeed selling me, what would become of me? And even worse: she is planning to sell me to a man! Liz shivers of fear.

Finally: Crystal Cave

It was only late today Olivia had the time to get me out of the chest, which had really began to feel like a coffin. My mouth was as dry as the desert and my whole was stiff and sore, but after a little excercising and drinking water i soon felt better. Olivia offered to make me some delicious breakfast, but seeing her working in the kitchen i told her i would be just as happy with a cheese-sandwich. Her kitchenwork gave me (again) the feeling she was not what she pretends to be, but (again) i choose to ignore my little alarmclock.
Olivia asked me if i wanted to relax the rest of the day or go to the Cave already. Although i could use some more relaxation, the scientist in me longed to have a first look at this fenomena (and to be honest i was plain curious).
So i changed my clothing for something more airy, considering the circumstances in the cave. It was rather revealing, but since i had prepared for labwork, i brought no real adequate clothing.
My employer took me to a heli-platform and flew me along the lake and over the mountain. After having passed the mountain with it juicy forrest i saw a height, a sort of plateau, rising up from the land. Olivia headed towards it and set the chopper on yet another heli-platform.
A trained eye could already discover some little peaks of crystal and i wanted to hurry inside.
After that we finally went underground and there it was: Crystal Cave!

I took my time to recover from the overwhelming emotions brought on me by the huge and bright coloured crystals. I was so into what i saw, that i did not give any thought on Olivia's incidental remark about a black panther she used as a guardian in the cave.

It all looked so promising! But.....
Again there was something strange: Olivia took a copy of the NDA-form i signed after her summarising it for me and referred to some article 297 that enabled her to confine me securely whilst being on-site; so she attached a heavy metall ball at my right ankle. And know what? I went along with it! How stupid can a girl be?

Fortunately Olivia had underestimated the weight of the ball and it turned out i could hardly move, too little anyway to be able to do my job. So she had to release me.
After drinking in the cave's atmosphere for quite some time i realised we were not alone anymore; one of the working girls had joined us. In itself not very special, but what was strange, was that the girl was fully naked. When i made a comment on that Olivia told me that that had to do with the enormous heat and humidity on the cave and since the workers all are girls it really wasn't all that unreasonable. But that was not all: the girl called Olivia "Miss" and sat on her knees with her hands behind her back. I never had seen a worker do that for her employer, but once again i chose not to pay attention to this.
After a while it turned out i had to sleep in the cave; Olivia said that was easier with respect to my work. I did not even ask why it was convenient for her to return to the house. I easily could have flown with her. So now i am lying here in my sleepingbag amidst huge crystals.

Tomorow i will start sampling the first shards of crystal. To examine them of course, but i also am allowed to keep a shard of every colour for myself!

Getting a claustrophobic

Today i will not write much, but i will let you in in a part of my thoughts being trapped in the chest all day:

"Liz Laville opens her eyes drowsy, her head feeling heavy after a bad night. The wooden innerside chest (did she hear Olivia say "coffin"?) was not very comfortable and since the it is so small she wasn't able to turn on her side as she likes to do when she goes to sleep.Her muscles are stiff and she really likes to stretch them.

She has heard Olivia coming twice to her and instinctively she knew she had to let her believe she was asleep. Thanks to her yoga-class she could fake sleeping, controlling her breath. But what was going on last night? It sounded like a party and she got the impression, that the workers, the girls knew the policemen better than Olivia told her: the laughing and giggling, all the coquetry. Some noices reminded her of completely different activities though......

Liz Laville is lying awake in the chest, tat really starts feeling like a coffin aksing herself how much longer she has to stay in here, fighting off the upcoming claustrophobia

Liz Laville wakes up being sort of numb; bumps her head against the wooden lid while trying to get up. Liz Laville: then she realizes she still is in that awfull narrow chest.

Liz Laville: because of the policemen she does not dare the shout so she keeps still trying to hear the slightest sound. Nothing...."

My view in the "coffin"

My first 24 hours at Crystal Cave

Last night the driver locked my door after me, whithout any comments. This should have worried me, but i was so dizzy and not sharp at all. Was it the fact i slept all the time in the car or was there something with the drink he gave me on the airport?
After waking up i checked the door of my room: still securely locked. I walked to the window to have a look outside. There was a big snowy mountain with a beautiful lake in front of it.

Suddenly i heard something and i knew i wasn't alone in the house. I still wore my yesterdays clothes and din't feel fresh in them. Since i did not know who it was downstairs (was it the driver?) i changed my clothes as fast as i could: i did not want to be naked should he come in. Just in time i was dressed again and the door opened.......
Thank God, it was Olivia. I was so relieved to be released. She told me it was for security-reasons that my room was locked. We went downstairs, drinking champaign to celebrate our co-operation and we talked about my fee. It was a tough negociation, but i think i got a fair deal out off it. Considering my working conditios in the Crystal Cave (+50℃ with almost complete humidity!) i think i am entitled of a good compensation.

I noticed the workers coming back from the cave; strange enough they were all naked (and all girls). Olivia explained to me that that was necessairy since the workers tried to steal crystals. My cloudy brain figured that makes sense......
I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but that seems pretty normal. The letters were very small and since i still wasn't very clear in my head i let Olivia give me a summary and then signed the form.
We talked some more and at some point Olivia got nervous; there were sirens and she told me that was the immigration police and since they had been sloppy and did not get my working permit yet, they could not see me being here, so Olivia decided i had to hide. She took me upstairs to a sort of coffin and told me to get in there. I shivered it was so small. She closed the lid and put pots with plants on top, but not before she assured me that the police normally did not stay much longer than may be three hours (Liz swallows). When they would have drunk too much it could be the next day before they would leave (don't panic Liz....). I suggested, that since they would be knocked out by the alcohol Olivia could sneak me out of the house.

My chest was only just closed and Olivia dowstairs when there was a loud knocking on the door: the police. I heard Olivia talk loud to the inspector. I guess to keep me posted and i was gratefull for that. Unfortunatelly i could hear her talk about a BBQ for the policemen. That does not indicate they are going to leave soon :-(

Trapped in a story

A few days ago i met a Domme. She gave me a story to read, which She wrote for another girl. It was quite exciting and when She asked me about it i told Her i liked it.
She offered to write me a story and i happily accepted, curious what She would come up with.
Shortly after our talk She send me the first episode and it appeared She put me up as maincharacter, positioning me as sort of outcast in a family of diamondtraders, being a gemologist.
I receive a short mail, inviting me to participate in a highly interesting project in my line of work. Of course i accepted, but soon after arriving at the airport of my destination i got the feeling that things are not as they should be.
Meanwhile the Mistress concerning invited me to come with Her. Alhough a little nervous i went with Her and now, while i am writing these words, i have the feeling i am trapped in the story......

Liz locked in a room in the farmhouse

Bane Liz?

I have been in Second Life for quite some time now, celebrated my first rezzday in the company off....

me, myself and i

Somehow there seems to be no decent Domme interested in this subby. So i started looking for something else. Hmmm, this is not completely true; there are a few very decent Dommes interested in me, but unfortunately for a variety of reasons there was no match so far (thank You Miss L. for correcting this stupid girl).
In an earlier post i asked myself should i join the army of players? They seem very happy... I don't think i am ready yet to be one of them, but what then?
I like being restricted, isolated even at times. I wonder if entering a banishment project would be something for me. At least you have someone that gives you some attention. I think i need to read Eudeamon's story on the girl Katrina.

November 19th

Nothing to write about actually, but i do not want to get you worried about my wellbeing.
I am fine since i decided to move on i have been organizing my inventory, trying to set up the shared folder according to the new RLV-standards with subfolders.
Furtermore a Mistress and i explored our options; we knew it would be difficult because of the timezones, but before they could ruin things it became clear we are not a match. I like Her though and i am happy we still are friends.

First day of freedom

I have been free now for one day and the Mistresses (and even Masters) keep on coming on to me. I don't know what that is, but at least three of four of them are serious in making me Hers. Is it that i am looking vulnerable at the moment, or is my clothing more subby or are there simply more Dommes that take action?
I don't know what to do really. Should i just hand over my keys and play along for a while; nothing serious but have shallow fun, like almost all of the rest. Or should i keep my distance, heal and get back to my search for a serious Domme, that takes Her responsabilities serious and is there for me regurlaly. The playing thing appeals to me at the moment.

November 1st

I told you i decided to take the first opportunity to leave Miss Stern. So when She untied me from the pole and send me off to whereever i wanted to go (even Bondage Ranch) i went away determined not to return.
I send an IM to Miss Xaaya telling her how i felt (disappointed, hurt and sad) and i told Miss Stern i would not return. Of course She tried to take me back, but that was not a succes; at least not for Her. So, i am a free girl again; as i wrote in my profile: i am free to do as i please. Not that that pleases me much...