In my last blog i did not talk about (Miss) Eefje.
About a week ago i was lonely, bored and getting more and more rebellious. I was in Club Shackles and saw their randsom cages. I thought what the heck and choose a cage to lock myself in. The cages all have a different price-tag; i did not choose the cheapest one (i have some self-esteem) nor did i get in the most expensive one, that would be arrogant, something i hope i am not.
Some people tried to get me out that night, but for some reason they did not succeed; it might have been them not knowing how to do so or good old SL being just herself. So i stayed overnight.
The next morning Eefje came to Shackles and she bailed me out. Since there are actually no rules for service in return i almost had to convince her to claim me for some time. I handed over my subbylist which so found too long, asking for a summary. So i wrote a summary notecard for her and told her that if she thought it wasn't to her liking i could buy myself free from her.

We talked some time and Eefje asked me if i was prepared to adjust my shape to her liking when i would be hers in future. She wanted me to be less tall and less "curvy".
Since the shape is modify i told her i could do so right away, so i modified my shape and saved it as hers. This made it necessairy of course to re-position my collar. Merely by coincidence i have more then one collar, so i took another collar and put it on, making her owner of that collar.
We agreed that i would wear that shape and that collar only when i was with her. The rest of the time i would by myself.
As the time passed by Eefje appeared to be the loving, cuddling type, that loves dancing with me. I felt pretty soon that i like her a lot, but that she never will be my Mistress. I told her so out of respect and to not let grow false expectations.

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