The fish senses the net

I was so looking forward to this day and then RL showed it's dominance again. I was only very late at home and the first thing i did was logging in.
She was there. Of course. I told Her RL had been in the way but that i could do nothing else but log in, even if it were for a short while. Had to see Her. I think that pleased Her.
Again She showed interest in how i feel, that is something that ties me even more to Her. I told Her it really felt good performing Her tasks and telling Her that made me aware of some tickling sensations in my tummy.
I told Her i bought yet another maids-outfit and an isolation hood of which i overheard people talk in som groupchat. She made me wear the maidsoutfit to inspect it. Suddenly She told me to remove the skirt and bend over. There i was standing with my naked, filled up but sticking in the air. She asked me if i could tell her why She wanted me to present myself like this. Of course i did. Miss wanted to check if i had fullfilled Her order to keep my buttplug in. Which i did, no doubt about that, although i had to adjust my clothing to that fact: catsuit were no option since the plug would have been visible to anybody; only wider skirts were hiding the thing.
Miss X approved of he maids-outfit, ordering me to put that in the RLV folder. After that She allowed me to wear something of my own choice. With the buttplug removed i choose a nice black catsuit. this particular one leaves my belly and lower back uncovered, thus showing my tattoo. For that reason i like this outfit very much. Fortunately Miss approved off it too so i am allowed to wear it.

Then She started talking about the RLV folder again. The fisherwoman was pulling in the fish some more again as Miss ordered the keys of this girls police cuffs, ownership of her mars ring and locked her boots and cuffs and the sound of that made her feel so happy.

Before i could log off and heading for my bed Miss X asked me if i had any questions. I did not have a real question at that point, but She gives me that feeling....
I did not know whether i would be too forward, so i hesitated, but She urged me to tell Her. I told Her that i would love her permission to say a little something about Her in my profile. She granted me that, telling me that She wanted me to update my blog, which i have done by now (saturday morning, first thing).

You want to know the name of this great Lady? A Domme that does not need to say She is the best? I think i am allowed to let you know by now. The name of the Mistress that does not need to own my collar to own me is Mistress Xaaya Jacobus.
I hope i will be good enough for Her to take full possession of me.

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