A morning with mixed emotions

Miss Mazi did not return online last night. I felt confused ... was this Her way of teaching me to be there when She is? Did i upset Her, losing my chance of becomming Hers?
So, before i did my morning rituals, i logged in, hoping She was late online. She was. I was really happy to see Her, especially when She told me Her power went out and that was why She had not been able to return. I felt relieved, but not for long....
Miss Mazi has a perfect feeling on how to keep me on the edge as She did once again tell me W/we will have a long talk later today and that She will decide on my fate.
She told me to friend with Her girl Emilee and that i should adress her politely. Emilee is going to interview me later today too.
So talking to Miss Mazi early this morning was nice since it put me at ease concerning yesterday, but on the other hand She made me nervous and excited telling me what is going to happen later today.

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