A big surprise

Since Miss Xaaya asked me if i would be online today i assumed we would meet up and i was looking forward to that time with Her.
I was just wandering about in sl and then there was a groupnote from Kayliwulf's announcing a new outfit: a combination of white latex and white lace, with the irresistible name of Innocence Enslaved. I liked it so much that i bought it and in my enthusiasm i IM-ed Miss Xaaya calling Her Mistress. Oooooops... Sorry Miss.
I was more than pleasantly surprised when Miss came online in the afternoon already. Of course She corrected my "Mistress-outburst", but with respect of the very, very mild "punishment i would say She did not really mind me adressing Her like that. Anyway i had to show her the cause of my slippery behaviour. She approved of it and i had to keep wearing that outfit. Miss replaced my police cuffs by the serious shackles.
We talked some about what She expects from me when being Hers and wants to hear from me whether i think i can meet Her requirements. Miss told me She will have Her new home soon and will be sharing Her island with Her friend, also a Mistress. I will have to obey that Mistress too and She will become my secondowner. I am curious how She is. I think i will like the idea of two owners.
After being given new tasks and being tied up, complete with gag She send me off, since She had to attend RL affairs. It was only later that i discovered She had blocked my IM's too, so hardly could move and i hardly could communicate and all that with my boobs sticking forward drawing attention.
Hmmm, yammie. Thank You Miss.

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