Liz is happy

Sunday i did not meet up with Miss Xaaya. I must confess that i was disappointed; i had been looking forward so much to be in Her company again and i missed Her dearly.
Yesterday it appeared to head in the same direction. I was talking to a very nice grand-dad (sorry opa *giggles*) and we were about to say good night when i saw Miss come online. My evening was great instantly when She started talking to me; as always She asked me what i had been doing. She does not make me feel as if i have to account for my whereabouts. This Domme cares, which is realy nice for a change!
She surprised me by asking me to state my tasks and report on their status. I could tell Her all i had to do and fortunately i had been able to finish them all as i am sure Miss knew already.
We went to a quiet place where She demanded the real key i prepared for Her. Miss had another look at my RLV folder, dressing me in some other clothes.
Since it was late already and i had to get up real early Miss Xaaya allowed me to log off, but not before She locked my cuffs and my collar again. This night i slept very well.

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