Getting doubts

Writing this today i still haven't seen Miss, so the last time we were together was August 28th, almost 4 weeks ago. Weeks without any sign of life from Her part. And that whilst She has been online, several times. not one single line in IM for me ...
I don't want it to happen, but i've been in this situation before. The doubt is slipping into my heart. What is She doing, what is She up to. Why doesn't She IM me when being online; why not emailing me?

The story of my life?

I did not meet up with Miss Xaaya since my last post. Is She testing my loyalty or is this a situation that is all too familiar to me? I do not know but i will wait till Miss Xaaya returns and i hope i will find out then.
I do know however, that the past two months i was with Miss exactly four times and those times all were in the period from August 22nd till 28th. And since i am not allowed to go to the Bondage Ranch, i am getting pretty lonely in second life, thus prefering my first life. This cannot be right.

Nothing much happened. Again....

I called my last post "slowly getting back to normal". I wrote "nothing much happened, so no need to post". The post before that was August 9th.
Now that i am writing this post it is the late evening of September 5th, almost September 6th, almost one whole month later and it has been over a week, that i saw Miss last.
I know there are good reasons why this all is (not) happening; Miss' catastrophe in rl, SL not letting Her in last sunday. It seems to be the story of my life.
Last week i met the friend of Miss Xaaya, the one that will be my second owner. She immediately forbid me to go to the one place where i can meet friends. She wants me to stay home. I stayed there for a while, looking at the house, went to check out shops of which She has given me the adresses. Shops where i should buy the furniture for Miss' home and went back home, an empty home no furniture, no people. Empty..........