Another day in paradise

October 31st; time flies when you're having fun....
After having spend two whole days all by myself in Miss Stern's smallest room, she took me out.
She had (again) left the celldoor unlocked therefore giving me the opportunity to leave. Me staying had merely to do with my hope finally meeting up with Miss Xaaya.
That hope proofed to be idle since Miss Xaaya had been online sometime during the day before. I had been online all day but she not send me an IM. It must have been during my away-time for lunch/ dinner; in which time i go in busy mode. Hearing that something snapped and i decided to leave at first opportunity.
Now Miss Stern took me to her beach-shelter and told me to come lie in her arms, something i do not long for while She thinks She comforts me doing so. Yeah right!
She talked to me about getting Miss Xaaya with us by the changed behaviour (meaning me as Her property...); i am not that blonde. Miss Leigh joined us and it came clear the two do not share their views on Miss Xaaya nor on my position.

Before i logged off Miss Stern tied me to a whippingpost outside the house. She invaded my private parts several times, but i had no intention of responding to that.
Again this Mistress, who called herself "one of the best Mistresses in SL" showed She is not familiar with the equipment She uses: the pole is not "relog-resistent": when i logged in this morning i was no longer tied to the pole. Since this could be "just" not knowing instead of being ignorant i decided this could be regarded cheating so i tied myself to the pole.

I was prepared to spend yet another day all alone, but then Miss Leigh appeared. We talked some about my situation and at some point She spoiled me with a delicious whipping. My tender skin, that had to do so long without, could not take very much, but it was lovely. Thank You Miss Leigh! I will have to wait and see though how Miss Stern will react (a big smile shows on Liz' face).

Two months ago

Today it is exactly two months ago since i saw Miss Xaaya for the last time. Instead of being Hers, being with Her her friend S told me she was going to take me.
Yesterday she announced she would summon me, which she did this morning. She immediately told me to make her owner of my collar; i made her secondowner, which was not to her liking. She wanted to be firstowner. I told her that i could never make another then Miss Xaaya firstowner and that i knew of Miss Xaaya's intention of making her secondowner, therefore i acted according to Her wishes. Miss S was not pleased....
After that she demanded that i put on my mars ring and make her owner of it;she wanted control over all of my other equipment, like my zapper and cuffs. Of course i did not go along and she said she knew how to deal with stubborn girls like me. So i ended up in a tiny cell in her bedroom, a place where nobody ever comes except for her. She forgot to lock the door though. And no, i will not use this to leave. I even will telll her she did leave the cage unlocked. This does not mean i will not use such an opportunity in future.
She told me she would keep me as her slave if Miss Xaaya would not return. She is mistaken there too. My submission was to Miss Xaaya not to someone else. So untill Miss Xaaya returns or i decide i have waited long enough (yes i know, lots of you think 2 months is already too long) i will play along and have nice fights with my host.

My birthday

Yesterday, October 23rd was my rezzday, my sl-birthday therefore. I have had some people congratulate me, totall strangers. Two of them even gave me a present (Liz smiles gratefully). I thank you all for this.
In 4 days it will be exactly two months since i was with Miss Xaaya for the last time. I did plan that date to declare myself a free girl again. However...... the closer that day comes the more i am in doubt. What if there is something happening, that She realy cannot do much aboout; what if...

What do to?

It has been almost 8 weeks now since i saw Miss Xaaya the last time. I really do not know what to think, what to do. What does She want from me. What does She expect from me? Is She testing my loyalty? Does She even still want me? Do i still want Her?
I do want to wait for Her; want to talk to Her, but....
should i wait for as long as it takes or will i do something i have not done before: decide that i waited long enough and send Her an IM telling Her my disappointment and my sadness and inform Her about me considering myself a free slavegirl and just leave Her? After all, officially i still am unowned, since Miss Xaaya did not collar me yet.