My birthday

Yesterday, October 23rd was my rezzday, my sl-birthday therefore. I have had some people congratulate me, totall strangers. Two of them even gave me a present (Liz smiles gratefully). I thank you all for this.
In 4 days it will be exactly two months since i was with Miss Xaaya for the last time. I did plan that date to declare myself a free girl again. However...... the closer that day comes the more i am in doubt. What if there is something happening, that She realy cannot do much aboout; what if...

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Anonymous said...

Then She can come to you and claim you if she still wishes. If you find an other mistress who is able to be there for you for, say, at least once a week, they can compare notes.
There can't be a relationship if there is no contact, Lizje.