November 19th

Nothing to write about actually, but i do not want to get you worried about my wellbeing.
I am fine since i decided to move on i have been organizing my inventory, trying to set up the shared folder according to the new RLV-standards with subfolders.
Furtermore a Mistress and i explored our options; we knew it would be difficult because of the timezones, but before they could ruin things it became clear we are not a match. I like Her though and i am happy we still are friends.

First day of freedom

I have been free now for one day and the Mistresses (and even Masters) keep on coming on to me. I don't know what that is, but at least three of four of them are serious in making me Hers. Is it that i am looking vulnerable at the moment, or is my clothing more subby or are there simply more Dommes that take action?
I don't know what to do really. Should i just hand over my keys and play along for a while; nothing serious but have shallow fun, like almost all of the rest. Or should i keep my distance, heal and get back to my search for a serious Domme, that takes Her responsabilities serious and is there for me regurlaly. The playing thing appeals to me at the moment.

November 1st

I told you i decided to take the first opportunity to leave Miss Stern. So when She untied me from the pole and send me off to whereever i wanted to go (even Bondage Ranch) i went away determined not to return.
I send an IM to Miss Xaaya telling her how i felt (disappointed, hurt and sad) and i told Miss Stern i would not return. Of course She tried to take me back, but that was not a succes; at least not for Her. So, i am a free girl again; as i wrote in my profile: i am free to do as i please. Not that that pleases me much...