Trapped in a story

A few days ago i met a Domme. She gave me a story to read, which She wrote for another girl. It was quite exciting and when She asked me about it i told Her i liked it.
She offered to write me a story and i happily accepted, curious what She would come up with.
Shortly after our talk She send me the first episode and it appeared She put me up as maincharacter, positioning me as sort of outcast in a family of diamondtraders, being a gemologist.
I receive a short mail, inviting me to participate in a highly interesting project in my line of work. Of course i accepted, but soon after arriving at the airport of my destination i got the feeling that things are not as they should be.
Meanwhile the Mistress concerning invited me to come with Her. Alhough a little nervous i went with Her and now, while i am writing these words, i have the feeling i am trapped in the story......

Liz locked in a room in the farmhouse

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