A night to remember

Welcome to my blog. This is my first post and at te moment i do not have a clue how it will be going to look like.
Me posting here is the result of an order given to me by a Mistress of whom i hope to become Hers.
I didn't expect this to happen. By that i mean i did not expect to have to maintain a blog and, more important, had serious doubts She would continue with me.
The last days were a little excercise in patience when i look back at it, but in that time i feared She would decide to send me away.
She makes me feel insecure, makes me feel little, so there is not much needed to get me doubting. Then, suddenly, She told me to start this blog on a daily base and ......

               as off today i am on trial with Her !!!!

The moment i heard Her telling me i had to write that in my profile i forgot that i had this blog to take care of from now on; i forgot the past few days in which i tried to prepare myself somehow for the blow of Her sending me away. She did not and i am excited.
Don't know what to write just now anymore so i will end this post here and log on again to change my profile.