The after-noon

I was nervously excited for the things to come this afternoon. I would meet up with Emilee, the property of Miss Mazi, who would interview me at 08.00h SL-time.
I stayed online almost all day waiting for Emilee to come online, but Miss Mazi came on first. To my surprise She offered me a tp to Her home. Arriving there She told me that She disliked my lovely red and black latex outfit and that She wanted me to change. That, in itself simple demand, was difficult since i remembered from last time that Miss Mazi does not like waiting. What made it much more difficult though is that i do not know yet what She likes in clothing and that my wardrobe is rather well stocked, but i didn't review my clothes for a long time. So i asked Miss Mazi what She would like me to wear and i got answered, that it should not be prim-stuff and no black. That did not help me much and since i did not want to keep Her waiting i just put on something from Kayliwulfs. She did not approve and made that very clear the rest of the afternoon. What bothered me however was the clothes She did make me wear. Not as much the fact that i had to wear them, but that they were presented as nice clothes (sorry Emilee). They are not in the least.
Then there was a word in english i did not understand. I had to suffer for that. I had to repeat 16 words that Miss Mazi's property had come up with and i had to repeat them over and over again in different order, so i could not copy paste. It was not all that easy, but i wanted to do well and i concentrated. I managed quite well untill Emilee expressed her aprroval, which broke my concentration. I messed up from that point on.
After Miss Mazi had left, i felt terrible; i was sad and confused and hurt. My mother always says that i have a strong sense of justice and that was what felt to be violated.
My pretty clothes being changed into plain stuff and demanding me to speak the language as good as two native speakers was more than i felt up to. I almost gave up. Almost.....

Later than planned Emilee interviewed me. I tried to answer her questions as good as i was able to and before i knew it, i had to log off for dinner.

A morning with mixed emotions

Miss Mazi did not return online last night. I felt confused ... was this Her way of teaching me to be there when She is? Did i upset Her, losing my chance of becomming Hers?
So, before i did my morning rituals, i logged in, hoping She was late online. She was. I was really happy to see Her, especially when She told me Her power went out and that was why She had not been able to return. I felt relieved, but not for long....
Miss Mazi has a perfect feeling on how to keep me on the edge as She did once again tell me W/we will have a long talk later today and that She will decide on my fate.
She told me to friend with Her girl Emilee and that i should adress her politely. Emilee is going to interview me later today too.
So talking to Miss Mazi early this morning was nice since it put me at ease concerning yesterday, but on the other hand She made me nervous and excited telling me what is going to happen later today.