The fish senses the net

I was so looking forward to this day and then RL showed it's dominance again. I was only very late at home and the first thing i did was logging in.
She was there. Of course. I told Her RL had been in the way but that i could do nothing else but log in, even if it were for a short while. Had to see Her. I think that pleased Her.
Again She showed interest in how i feel, that is something that ties me even more to Her. I told Her it really felt good performing Her tasks and telling Her that made me aware of some tickling sensations in my tummy.
I told Her i bought yet another maids-outfit and an isolation hood of which i overheard people talk in som groupchat. She made me wear the maidsoutfit to inspect it. Suddenly She told me to remove the skirt and bend over. There i was standing with my naked, filled up but sticking in the air. She asked me if i could tell her why She wanted me to present myself like this. Of course i did. Miss wanted to check if i had fullfilled Her order to keep my buttplug in. Which i did, no doubt about that, although i had to adjust my clothing to that fact: catsuit were no option since the plug would have been visible to anybody; only wider skirts were hiding the thing.
Miss X approved of he maids-outfit, ordering me to put that in the RLV folder. After that She allowed me to wear something of my own choice. With the buttplug removed i choose a nice black catsuit. this particular one leaves my belly and lower back uncovered, thus showing my tattoo. For that reason i like this outfit very much. Fortunately Miss approved off it too so i am allowed to wear it.

Then She started talking about the RLV folder again. The fisherwoman was pulling in the fish some more again as Miss ordered the keys of this girls police cuffs, ownership of her mars ring and locked her boots and cuffs and the sound of that made her feel so happy.

Before i could log off and heading for my bed Miss X asked me if i had any questions. I did not have a real question at that point, but She gives me that feeling....
I did not know whether i would be too forward, so i hesitated, but She urged me to tell Her. I told Her that i would love her permission to say a little something about Her in my profile. She granted me that, telling me that She wanted me to update my blog, which i have done by now (saturday morning, first thing).

You want to know the name of this great Lady? A Domme that does not need to say She is the best? I think i am allowed to let you know by now. The name of the Mistress that does not need to own my collar to own me is Mistress Xaaya Jacobus.
I hope i will be good enough for Her to take full possession of me.

Miss X again

Being a lot with Eefje and finally having some fun in this virtual, but to me a so real world, i started to realize i was mssing something, someone: .......... Miss X

I talked about Her with Eefje and that felt good. Eefje is entitled to know about me since i look at her as my friend, a friend with whom i sometimes do basic bdsm-things. She likes to leash me in women's club The Cellar, she like me kneeling for her when she is sitting on the sofa and i let her try out a new cage she bought. She locked me in, setting the timer. I allowed her doing so because i trust her not to set the timer so, that i am prevented of being with Miss X. That would be unacceptable to me.
What Eefje and i are doing is more licking an icecream then actually eating it: we stay at the surface it is not all that serious. All in all i am getting very fond of Eefje.

Miss X returned the 24th telling me she had RL things preventing Her from being online, so She wasn't testing me, my patience, my loyalty. that did not lessen the joy i felt being with Her again, feeling Her presence.
She started asking if i was free again and i told Her about Eefje. I could do so, since we technically are not involved (Miss X and myself i mean) so i knew She would not object. Of course the real reason i told Her was because i want to be totally honest with Her, want Her to get to know me.
She was interested what i have been up to besides Eefje and told her
updating ...
and updating ...
and updating ...
and updating ...
She wanted to hear what it was i had to update. That is how we started talking of the shared folder; i had to tell Her all about it and, as to be expected She took quite an interest in this new feature. While informing Her i felt my stomach pleasantly knotting, my hands a little sweatty. She asked me what i did put in the RLV folder and i told Her nothing yet; that i was waiting for my future Mistress to instruct me on that.
Without any hesitation She started telling me what She wanted me to put in:

  • a full set of cuffs
  • a gag
  • a dildo
  • a buttplug
  • a chastity device
  • the mars ring of compliance
  • 2 collars
  • 2 or 3 classy outfits for daily use
  • a maids outfit
  • a full latex doll outfit
  • a slutty outfit

I immediately started feeling like i described in an earlier post: that hooked fish slowly but irresistible being pulled in.
As if She could read my mind She asked about my feelings so we talked a little about fishing :-) It ended up me confessing that i am heading more and more to wanting to submit to Her.
It was not very surprising Miss X wanted to recieve an overview of the stuff i put in the RLV folder for Her. I asked Her when She wanted it to be ready and She told me that She was not sure if She could be online tomorrow (wednesday) and that friday would be satisfactory.
Before i had to log off for the night She told me to put in a buttplug and when i was prepared i should bend over and tp Her for inspection. The plug was to be in untill next time we met.

Since i really like Her to be pleased with me i got to work as soon as possible to have things ready. Should She be able to make it online the RLV folder and the listing would be at Her disposal. I informed Her that i had problems with the full latex doll outfit, since i am not all that familiar with it and asked for Her guidance. Hardly can wait till friday.


In my last blog i did not talk about (Miss) Eefje.
About a week ago i was lonely, bored and getting more and more rebellious. I was in Club Shackles and saw their randsom cages. I thought what the heck and choose a cage to lock myself in. The cages all have a different price-tag; i did not choose the cheapest one (i have some self-esteem) nor did i get in the most expensive one, that would be arrogant, something i hope i am not.
Some people tried to get me out that night, but for some reason they did not succeed; it might have been them not knowing how to do so or good old SL being just herself. So i stayed overnight.
The next morning Eefje came to Shackles and she bailed me out. Since there are actually no rules for service in return i almost had to convince her to claim me for some time. I handed over my subbylist which so found too long, asking for a summary. So i wrote a summary notecard for her and told her that if she thought it wasn't to her liking i could buy myself free from her.

We talked some time and Eefje asked me if i was prepared to adjust my shape to her liking when i would be hers in future. She wanted me to be less tall and less "curvy".
Since the shape is modify i told her i could do so right away, so i modified my shape and saved it as hers. This made it necessairy of course to re-position my collar. Merely by coincidence i have more then one collar, so i took another collar and put it on, making her owner of that collar.
We agreed that i would wear that shape and that collar only when i was with her. The rest of the time i would by myself.
As the time passed by Eefje appeared to be the loving, cuddling type, that loves dancing with me. I felt pretty soon that i like her a lot, but that she never will be my Mistress. I told her so out of respect and to not let grow false expectations.