A boring weekend day

It was a typical - boring - weekend day. I guess most people have to do their shopping for the weekend (groceries and such), as i have to. So i did some club-hopping to see if there were any friends somewhere. I had no luck, so i decided to visit the mall on Bondage Playground; i hadn't been there for quite some time.
I saw a really horrible little outfit and the thought came up, that i would be very humiliated wearing clothes like that. Then it occured to me that Miss Xaaya wanted me to put in my RLV folder an outfit in which i would feel humiliated. Since i like being well dressed i could very well imagine that i would be feeling that way, wearing this. I bought the outfit.
Later that night i had to explain the reason why i bought it and of course show it. Miss Xaaya agreed with my point of view and the outfit went into the RLV folder. May be i should not be so anticipating.....
I also had to show the isolation hood i bought earlier and Miss was pleased with it. That one also had to go into the RLV folder. This girl thinks Miss Xaaya will have Her hands full managing that folder.
The first thing i had to do however was something i really loved doing: making her owner of my collar.
Miss asked me about my feelings being forced to walk around cuffed all day. It won't be a suprise that i had to tell her i loved it. I told Her that being cuffed showed people, that there is someone that cares for me and that i love that feeling.
Miss Xaaya had more coming for me: She ordered me to attune a password to all my RR stuff, so She could get the real key of them all. She suggested that that would enable Her to order me to leave my keys in the cuffs for anybody to take them. I fear the moment some man will take them....
It was late already and after having received my tasks She send me off to bed. That is the only thing that concerns me a little: the difference in time-zones.