Bad slave ?

Something happened yesterday. I did not mention it; not here and not in my IM's to Miss Xaaya. I did not do so, since i thought it happened, but it would no go any further. How different it turned out. This is what happened:
I was talking to some dutch girls when a Mistress (also dutch) joined us. The other girls were teasing me, since i was gagged and only able to garble and emote. At some point this Mistress put her finger under my skirt sliding up my thigh touching my private parts. I did not like that and told Her that i am "off limits". She responded by laughing and saying "what.....? off limits? no way..see?" again touching my privates. I immediately tp-ed away , since that was the only defense i had.
I did not talk about this event, since i thought it was in the past and it would not happen again.
Today i was on the ranch again talking to a friend and this "Mistress" showed up. My friend greeted her i did not. I did not tell my friend about it either since i did not think it is not done to tell those things to others. Anyway, my friend was teasing me a little and she involved this Mistress in it. That lead to the situation, that contact with Her was inevitable so i emoted (still being gagged) that i ignored her, hoping She would leave it to that. She did not...
Limited by my gag i tried to make Her clear by emoting that She had been out off line ignoring my NO. She did not show on any moment that She realized She had crossed a hard line. May be i was too stubborn as my friend told me later. On the other hand i always was under the impression that "when a girl says No, she means NO" and that a NO is to be respected. Especially when it concerns a Domme against a tied up, gagged girl.
Long story short: this Mistress was convinced She did nothing wrong and i am a bad slave so She will contact Miss Xaaya, armed with the note of the chat. She expects Miss Xaaya to punish me for my behaviour.
Looking back, i think that i could (should?) have handled the situation better i do not think however i did much wrong. But i do not know Miss Xaaya all that good yet, so i cannot judge how She will react. I can see She will share my view regarding the actions of that Mistress, but She might punish me anyway for not acting well enough in that situation.
It might just as well be possible, that Miss Xaaya thinks i did well (enough) and leaves it to this. I will have to wait untill we meet again.
Miss left me a message that Her RL is acting up terribly and that She has a tight scedule, so the change that we meet up will be rather limited the coming days (weeks?) i guess. Untill we meet i am in heaven... ooops in restraints and gagged i mean.
Smiles happily. Thank You Miss Xaaya.
Thank You too for caring enough to let me know You think of me.