To play or not to play ?

I am not in the habit of changing original posts, but i do not want to be too rigid about it either.
I quoted something that was said in a conversation between two other people, a conversation with which i was not present. Even not mentioning names i should not have done so. Therefor i deleted my original post. I apologize to the ones concerning.

I somehow cannot stop thinking of what happened the past two days. Why didn't the other people present at that time do anything about it? Why didn't they stand up for me? That is what's bugging me.
Don't get me wrong; i don't say this to blame them, i am only wondering. It was just an example. Thinking of why it is possible that something like this happens in Second Life. Although Real Life is far from perfect in the same setting this would not have happened.
So there apparently is a difference between SL and RL. I do not know the answer, but i can think of some possibilities:

In SL there is anonimity, so people are more likely to abandon certain generally accepted behaviour and slide into behaviour that is more easy and in RL less accepted. A bit similar to the football-hooliganism, although not as dramatic of course. I just try to point the mechanism.

In RL people that attend bdsm-parties generally are seriously interested in (entering) the lifestyle; in SL there are many tourists as i call them. With that i mean people that actually do not have "bdsm-genes", but go with the flow, the media hype.
They are there in RL too, but since in rl it is real (e.g. it really hurts to be whipped) they tend to withdraw rather quickly. Since in SL it isn't all that real these people are not scared off and stay. It is "fun" after all. And may be that is the key(-"problem") it is fun, not all that real, therefore it is taken not all that serious. And may be they are right; may be i (and a number of others) should take things less serious, more lighthearted or just stay in RL with our seriousness. Don't worry, be happy.

Which brings me to something else, related, but not the same.
I noticed that there are lots of people that state in their profile that they hate drama and listening (which is about the only thing one can do being gagged and with blocked IM's) you can hear that be said all the time. So why is there so much drama then? Just wondering here. May be i will come back on this topic in a later post. This one turned out to be a long one anyway.