A really nice day

It was a lovely day yesterday. Why? Hmm, simple.
Miss Xaaya already was online when i returned from dinner. It was such a nice surprise.
She told me She generally was pleased with my performance over the past days as well as with the way i fullfilled my tasks, which made me even more happy.
We talked about the time we were not able to be together and it really was good to see She reads my blog, following me. She asked me lots of questions. Such as about my feelings at times and the reactions of others to my situation. It was also very clear She did miss me too. What more can a girl wish for?
Time flies they say and that was exactly what happened, so after having changed my clothes (the ones i was wearing were all soaked by my drooling), She put on one of my single-gloves en my leg-irons and we said goodbye. I can speak again!
Later that night i found that my friends are reading my blog too, which is nice. In this particular case it even was nicer since this one friend (a very lovely girl) obviously got to understand how i felt the last days. I could tell by her reaction and i love her for that. Kisses E!
Her responding that way was the cream on my strawberries.