It has been a while

It has been several days since i posted last time. Simply since there isn't much to tell.
Miss told me She likes me wearing black & white clothing (i guess white & black will do as well) so i did some shopping and reviewed my existing wardrobe on black & white items and tried to create some outfits. Some needed pieces of clothing and i went to look for them too.
Yesterday i changed the clothes Miss Xaaya had me wear when we saw eachother last ime, some days ago now. They needed to be cleaned and besides that i kind a like this outfit and by the response i get others do like it too.
What else do i do with my time? Nothing much really. Most friends are too busy and the Mistresses that contact me i keep on a distance since i am not available anyway. There was one Mistress the day before yesterday, that expressed Her interest in being second Mistress. I told her that that was not for me to decide and that i could not imagine that Miss Xaaya would agree to such an arrangement.
Sometimes i talk to someone, but most of the times i just am waiting for Miss Xaaya to come. To be there when She is able to be online.

Liz waiting for Miss Xaaya