Two months ago

Today it is exactly two months ago since i saw Miss Xaaya for the last time. Instead of being Hers, being with Her her friend S told me she was going to take me.
Yesterday she announced she would summon me, which she did this morning. She immediately told me to make her owner of my collar; i made her secondowner, which was not to her liking. She wanted to be firstowner. I told her that i could never make another then Miss Xaaya firstowner and that i knew of Miss Xaaya's intention of making her secondowner, therefore i acted according to Her wishes. Miss S was not pleased....
After that she demanded that i put on my mars ring and make her owner of it;she wanted control over all of my other equipment, like my zapper and cuffs. Of course i did not go along and she said she knew how to deal with stubborn girls like me. So i ended up in a tiny cell in her bedroom, a place where nobody ever comes except for her. She forgot to lock the door though. And no, i will not use this to leave. I even will telll her she did leave the cage unlocked. This does not mean i will not use such an opportunity in future.
She told me she would keep me as her slave if Miss Xaaya would not return. She is mistaken there too. My submission was to Miss Xaaya not to someone else. So untill Miss Xaaya returns or i decide i have waited long enough (yes i know, lots of you think 2 months is already too long) i will play along and have nice fights with my host.