Bane Liz?

I have been in Second Life for quite some time now, celebrated my first rezzday in the company off....

me, myself and i

Somehow there seems to be no decent Domme interested in this subby. So i started looking for something else. Hmmm, this is not completely true; there are a few very decent Dommes interested in me, but unfortunately for a variety of reasons there was no match so far (thank You Miss L. for correcting this stupid girl).
In an earlier post i asked myself should i join the army of players? They seem very happy... I don't think i am ready yet to be one of them, but what then?
I like being restricted, isolated even at times. I wonder if entering a banishment project would be something for me. At least you have someone that gives you some attention. I think i need to read Eudeamon's story on the girl Katrina.