My first 24 hours at Crystal Cave

Last night the driver locked my door after me, whithout any comments. This should have worried me, but i was so dizzy and not sharp at all. Was it the fact i slept all the time in the car or was there something with the drink he gave me on the airport?
After waking up i checked the door of my room: still securely locked. I walked to the window to have a look outside. There was a big snowy mountain with a beautiful lake in front of it.

Suddenly i heard something and i knew i wasn't alone in the house. I still wore my yesterdays clothes and din't feel fresh in them. Since i did not know who it was downstairs (was it the driver?) i changed my clothes as fast as i could: i did not want to be naked should he come in. Just in time i was dressed again and the door opened.......
Thank God, it was Olivia. I was so relieved to be released. She told me it was for security-reasons that my room was locked. We went downstairs, drinking champaign to celebrate our co-operation and we talked about my fee. It was a tough negociation, but i think i got a fair deal out off it. Considering my working conditios in the Crystal Cave (+50℃ with almost complete humidity!) i think i am entitled of a good compensation.

I noticed the workers coming back from the cave; strange enough they were all naked (and all girls). Olivia explained to me that that was necessairy since the workers tried to steal crystals. My cloudy brain figured that makes sense......
I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but that seems pretty normal. The letters were very small and since i still wasn't very clear in my head i let Olivia give me a summary and then signed the form.
We talked some more and at some point Olivia got nervous; there were sirens and she told me that was the immigration police and since they had been sloppy and did not get my working permit yet, they could not see me being here, so Olivia decided i had to hide. She took me upstairs to a sort of coffin and told me to get in there. I shivered it was so small. She closed the lid and put pots with plants on top, but not before she assured me that the police normally did not stay much longer than may be three hours (Liz swallows). When they would have drunk too much it could be the next day before they would leave (don't panic Liz....). I suggested, that since they would be knocked out by the alcohol Olivia could sneak me out of the house.

My chest was only just closed and Olivia dowstairs when there was a loud knocking on the door: the police. I heard Olivia talk loud to the inspector. I guess to keep me posted and i was gratefull for that. Unfortunatelly i could hear her talk about a BBQ for the policemen. That does not indicate they are going to leave soon :-(

Trapped in a story

A few days ago i met a Domme. She gave me a story to read, which She wrote for another girl. It was quite exciting and when She asked me about it i told Her i liked it.
She offered to write me a story and i happily accepted, curious what She would come up with.
Shortly after our talk She send me the first episode and it appeared She put me up as maincharacter, positioning me as sort of outcast in a family of diamondtraders, being a gemologist.
I receive a short mail, inviting me to participate in a highly interesting project in my line of work. Of course i accepted, but soon after arriving at the airport of my destination i got the feeling that things are not as they should be.
Meanwhile the Mistress concerning invited me to come with Her. Alhough a little nervous i went with Her and now, while i am writing these words, i have the feeling i am trapped in the story......

Liz locked in a room in the farmhouse