Getting a claustrophobic

Today i will not write much, but i will let you in in a part of my thoughts being trapped in the chest all day:

"Liz Laville opens her eyes drowsy, her head feeling heavy after a bad night. The wooden innerside chest (did she hear Olivia say "coffin"?) was not very comfortable and since the it is so small she wasn't able to turn on her side as she likes to do when she goes to sleep.Her muscles are stiff and she really likes to stretch them.

She has heard Olivia coming twice to her and instinctively she knew she had to let her believe she was asleep. Thanks to her yoga-class she could fake sleeping, controlling her breath. But what was going on last night? It sounded like a party and she got the impression, that the workers, the girls knew the policemen better than Olivia told her: the laughing and giggling, all the coquetry. Some noices reminded her of completely different activities though......

Liz Laville is lying awake in the chest, tat really starts feeling like a coffin aksing herself how much longer she has to stay in here, fighting off the upcoming claustrophobia

Liz Laville wakes up being sort of numb; bumps her head against the wooden lid while trying to get up. Liz Laville: then she realizes she still is in that awfull narrow chest.

Liz Laville: because of the policemen she does not dare the shout so she keeps still trying to hear the slightest sound. Nothing...."

My view in the "coffin"