Finally: Crystal Cave

It was only late today Olivia had the time to get me out of the chest, which had really began to feel like a coffin. My mouth was as dry as the desert and my whole was stiff and sore, but after a little excercising and drinking water i soon felt better. Olivia offered to make me some delicious breakfast, but seeing her working in the kitchen i told her i would be just as happy with a cheese-sandwich. Her kitchenwork gave me (again) the feeling she was not what she pretends to be, but (again) i choose to ignore my little alarmclock.
Olivia asked me if i wanted to relax the rest of the day or go to the Cave already. Although i could use some more relaxation, the scientist in me longed to have a first look at this fenomena (and to be honest i was plain curious).
So i changed my clothing for something more airy, considering the circumstances in the cave. It was rather revealing, but since i had prepared for labwork, i brought no real adequate clothing.
My employer took me to a heli-platform and flew me along the lake and over the mountain. After having passed the mountain with it juicy forrest i saw a height, a sort of plateau, rising up from the land. Olivia headed towards it and set the chopper on yet another heli-platform.
A trained eye could already discover some little peaks of crystal and i wanted to hurry inside.
After that we finally went underground and there it was: Crystal Cave!

I took my time to recover from the overwhelming emotions brought on me by the huge and bright coloured crystals. I was so into what i saw, that i did not give any thought on Olivia's incidental remark about a black panther she used as a guardian in the cave.

It all looked so promising! But.....
Again there was something strange: Olivia took a copy of the NDA-form i signed after her summarising it for me and referred to some article 297 that enabled her to confine me securely whilst being on-site; so she attached a heavy metall ball at my right ankle. And know what? I went along with it! How stupid can a girl be?

Fortunately Olivia had underestimated the weight of the ball and it turned out i could hardly move, too little anyway to be able to do my job. So she had to release me.
After drinking in the cave's atmosphere for quite some time i realised we were not alone anymore; one of the working girls had joined us. In itself not very special, but what was strange, was that the girl was fully naked. When i made a comment on that Olivia told me that that had to do with the enormous heat and humidity on the cave and since the workers all are girls it really wasn't all that unreasonable. But that was not all: the girl called Olivia "Miss" and sat on her knees with her hands behind her back. I never had seen a worker do that for her employer, but once again i chose not to pay attention to this.
After a while it turned out i had to sleep in the cave; Olivia said that was easier with respect to my work. I did not even ask why it was convenient for her to return to the house. I easily could have flown with her. So now i am lying here in my sleepingbag amidst huge crystals.

Tomorow i will start sampling the first shards of crystal. To examine them of course, but i also am allowed to keep a shard of every colour for myself!