Collected the shards of crystal

As planned i got busy collect the crystal shards today. Things went very smooth and within a couple of hours a was able to locate the various positions in Crystal Cave of all 7 colours: red, yellow, green, orange, blue, indigo and violet. So, much sooner as i had anticipated i could start getting them to the top level of the cave.
The first few waren't really a problem, but for every next shard i had to descent deeper into the cave; in no time had the red, yellow, green and orange shards where Olivia wanted them.

It was rather tiring and the thought came to mind why she did not assign some workers to me to do the hard labour for me. After i go the orange shard up, my legs were protesting so i decided to get a nap, which i did. When waking up i felt so refreshed, that i figured it was a good idea to continue collecting the shards: the sooner i finished my job the sooner i would be able to head home, as a rich woman. A quick inspection of the first crystals had learned me, that the shards alone already are worth a small fortune.
So i got back to it in a very good mood. The last three shards were deep into cave so, that took me quite a while and i had to take several breaks. The indigo shard, the biggest and heaviest of them all stood all the way down, on the bottom of the cave.

I noticed that there must have been people down here before: next to the indigo shard there was a very special crystal with fireflies. This crystal was protected by a sort of tent.

I should have wondered why they let me do this work for them; they had better let their workers drag the shards up. That way they could have set me up in a laboratory in or near the house, keeping the finding location hidden to me too. Anyway when Olivia showed up i was able to present her the collection of 7 shards.

She asked me my educated guess on the value of these things. I told her i had to examine them properly in my lab of course, but i could see that they probably would be worth a 6 figure amount each. She seemed happy with my progress and she mentionned the crystal in the tent. If i would like to have a look at it. What kind of question is that? Of course i wanted that! So, after we had a celebration drink we descended to the bottom of the cave.
We went down. Olivia seemed to know her way around quite well: where i took a wrong turn, she everytime knew where to go. Finally we were at the firefly-crystal. It was an amazing piece! The door in the tent wasn't locked and Olivia opened it for me. I did not enter, but kept standing in the doorway. Suddenly Olivia bumped into me from behind, i heard her say sorry and the next moment i was in the tent with the crystal; the door was closed and Olivia was standing outside. When i wanted to leave the door appeared to be locked and i couldn't get out! She had captured me!

Suddenly all the little alarmbells, that i had chosen to ignore, started to make sense.
I yelled and screamed and cursed her, nothing worked. Soon after that i began feeling dizzy: the bitch had drugged me again. While i was "away" she had taken picutres of me with Times Magazine as a proof of life: she had taken my hostage to get a huge randsom from my family.

I told her they would not pay, but it took her hours before she started believing they really will not pay to criminals like her. Realizing she would not get it her way, she tried thinking of new plans to get money for me. She thought of making me work, renting me out as some sort of whore etc.; the last option she was exploring, was selling me and for that she has a Sheik in mind. To get his juices flowing she wanted me to pose naked so she could send him some pictures of me.... I'd rather die than doing that.
After some time she left and i was on my own. She never realized i still had my iPhone and i was very happy that i recharged it last night. I used my build-in GPS to determine my exact location and i send the co-ordinates to my family and the FBI. I did not know if my message would reach them in time so i figured i should try to escape. I pulled over the crystal trying to use it's sharp edges to cut the tent open. At least that much that i can slip through it. The crystal was extremely heavy, but i succeeded to get a pretty large tear in the tentwall. Unfortunately Olivia returned before the tear was big enough to escape.
She got someone to repair the tear and summoned one of the workers (are they really workers?) to bring her heavy metal cage to set up over the tent, which makes it next to impossible for me to get out on my own.

After she had one of the workers get me a plate with fruit, they left me alone for the night. She got me really worried. When she will succeed selling me, what would become of me? And even worse: she is planning to sell me to a man! Liz shivers of fear.