Freedom glimmers

This morning i woke up by enormous noices, blasts (grenades?). It really scared me; since my cell was blinded i could not see anything. Fortunately i could hear a little and judging by what was said i figured that the FBI had come to free me.

After some time of blasts and screaming people Olivia showed up at my cage with a sort of fire-extinguisher and blew something towards me. I don't know what it was, but i suddenly got pretty hazy, so i am not quite sure what happened after that.
I do know she took me to the concrete shelter next to my cage and she make me climb down the ladder.

The first thing i know after that is being encaged in a glass sphere. The concrete shelter appeared to be a secret escape tunnel under the lake; Olivia has put explosives in it to cover her tracks.

There was a plate of fruit with me and a docter that had to eamin me, since Olivia wanted to know if i still am in good shape. She did drug me quite a few times and i guess she does not want "damaged goods". The docter told her i was still healthy.

At some point, after the docter had gone, Olivia had another visitor; i suddenly realized i was starvng, so i ate about all the fruit on the plate in my cage. Unfortunately i could only hear Olivia, but the things she said were far from reassuring. I decided i had to try to escape. Apparently she had the same thought, since she took my iPhone and got me whithout means of communication.
Probably to keep me busy Olivia gave me a MacBook; she told me that it was processed so, that i would not be able to send emails. After she had gone to sleep i did not hesitate to give it a try....
I was able to set up an account, but sening my email lead only to a pop up window with a sending-error message. Damn.

Slowly my strength was fading away and this disappointment made me cry my eyes out.
Waking up later on i had found new courage and a new idea: what if i could log onto the internet? I tried and i succeeded to get online. I set quickly set up my gmail account and logged in, sending my my HELP-message to anybody i knew, telling them Olivia still kept me caged. After that i deleted my account and went back to sleep. Now i only had to wait.

Preparing for the FBI

I did not see my abducter anymore today, but i did hear her. She seemed very busy organizing her defense, preparing for the upcoming FBI raid. She might have told me she they would not come, but apparently she is not too convinced of that herself.

When she had gone i could see a concrete structure, that looked like a sort of air-raid shelter. Would she put me in there, covered with grass so the FBI would not find me? Shivers ran down my spine.