A minor set-back

Olivia has put her experts on trying to crack my password in order to be able to send "ignore-my-previous-message-i-am-ok"-messages.
She has a few problems doing so: first off all her security-experts were so kind to leave the scrambling software (NASA's) on the MAC, so i could use that to really delete my data according to the US security standards.
Second: she does not know all people i send my SOS to.
And third i told everybody, that that would be my only message and that they should ignore any future messages allegedly coming from me. So i am in the clear. And still i don't feel assured. Since i could not give my GPS data this time my rescuers will need more time to find me. And in that time anything could happen.
For instance O has a slave that will happily feed me to O's black panther; O can transport me to a complete other part of the world, which would make it almost impossible to locate me or she can sell me, which sounds awfull too. I am a wellrespected scientist, not some slave!