Free at last....

After some crazy days i am free again. Olivia released me and although she tried to persuade me to stay a few day to recuperate i only wanted to return home as soon as possible.
Beside that, it is almost Christmas and i prefer the company of my family rather then Olivia's. Especially considering what she put me through; the whole thing appeared to be a set up with me as decoy.
But let me take you back some days: when i woke up i noticed a severely wounded man in the cell next to me, the blood seeping through his bandaging. Olivia had found him laying next to the cave; he appeared to be a casualty of the FBI-raid. Later (under influence of the truth serum Olivia gave him) this man confessed to be a russian and not, as to be expected, an american. The russians were following Olivia's moves for quite some time already since they were very interested in the crystals but had no clue where they were. Kidnapping me and letting me send that SMS to my family was a trap for them. The russians intercepted that SMS and since i wrote the coordinates of my location, they knew exactly where to be.
Olivia was conidering giving me the thruthserum as well, since she wanted to know whether my family (and therefore me) was involved with the russians. Fortunately i was able to talk her out of this. She believed me when i told her my family only owns diamantmines in South Africa. The reason of the "strange" reactions of my family, at least in Olivia's eyes, was simpy explained to her: i am not the black sheep of the family, but even member of the board of directors although we do not talk about that fact openly. I am the one that checks every new finding place on it's value. So that is the reason that my family cam to help me. The fact they didn't want to pay the randsome is explained even easier: when you pay you make yourself vulnerable for new kidnaps and that is something we cannot afford.
Anyway to make a long story short; i found Olivia undergoing a change in her attitude towards me, as if she liked me or even more..... I did not hesitate to use this state of mind to make it clear to her that i was of no use to her anymore and the best she could do was letting me go.
Olivia had a meeting with the inspector, the policeman of immigration services, that appeared only to be a cover for his actuall activities. I could overhear some things Olivia said, although i did not hear his words. I was strongly under the impression he wanted to "get rid of me" in a more permanent way, but Olivia was going against him. I could not believe the things she said. It almost felt as if she was speaking of one of her best friends. I was rather confused.
Then i heard Olivia say to th inspector that i had done very well: "....any normal civilian would have cracked under this pressure, but she survived and, better than that, she fought back and she got messages out on several occassions. I think she would make a wonderfull oo agent."
Some other girl, i didn't see her before, entered the room and she told me Olivia in fact is the highest in command of Interpol.......
After releasing me from my cage Olivia made me an offer: there is a sheik, who has a village of captive women from his white slave trade. Interpol is planning to infiltrate into that village in 2009 in order to free the girls and stop his activities, dismantle his organization. I responded by saying that i am a scientist not some sort of cowboy (cowgirl would be better i guess).
So we said goodbye and the helicopter took me to the mainland first and after that to the airport for me to return to my family.
Being home for Christmas.