A surprising development

Returning from seasonal holidays Miss Olivia came to me. We talked a little about the past days and She asked me about my equipment, especially in the "pain-department". We also talked about neck-corsets and i told Her i owned a few.
When Miss O was offline i put on a neck-corset and editted it in order to make it fit perfectly. On Her return Miss O immediately wanted to be entered as owner of the corset. Smiles. She had to leave for some time and when she came back online my dearest friend Eefje was with me. Miss O wanted to leave us alone, but i told her that wasn't necessairy and explained how Eefje and i had met (Eefje bailing me out of a randsom cage *smiles*). Miss O took us to Her home and we talked. It got late so i logged off and went to bed. On my logging on the next morning i found an IM by Miss O telling me to get into the slave-kennel under Her bed and wait there for Her or Eefje. Of course i did. hmmmmm, finally locked in again.......

At some point Miss O told me (from Her offline position) that She released me to wander around sl a bit; i decided to go and see to it that i could get some stuff updated. Before i could leave Eefje came around; we talked some and i told Her Miss O has summonned me to give Her acces to the neck-corset. I teased Eefje telling Her She could have done the same. We talked some about me wanting simply to be taken. Eefje responded by saying that She wants to have me around Her as often as possible. So She told me to make Her owner of my chastity piercings and my (RLV) boots, which i did. Of course. Later She ordered me to show Her some of my chastitybelts and choose one, which She locked. Finally She took control over my marsring and activated some restrictions: She took me *smiles happily*.

Mistress Eefje wanted to let Miss O beng able to operate my neck-corset and She expressed Her intention of enabling Miss O to (role-)play with me, to use me.
Later yesterday we met up with Miss O and it came clear to her the positions had been changed; apparently not to Her expectations. She looked hurt and sad, which certainly was not intended. Miss O appeared to feel much stronger about me than i realized. Both ladies talked and it came clear that Miss O was surprised by the new situation. Mistress told Miss O that She still could have Her way with me (*swallows*). I guess Miss O will need some time to regain her peace and get comfortable with the current situation. I am pretty sure though, that i will see more of Miss O in future. Mistress will not hesitate to leant me to Her.