Thursday already

It's already thursday. It has been busy these last days. I had to select and edit quite a lot of pictures; Mistress ahd given me a new assigment (She really is keeping me busy) and some wonderfull and some not so nice things happened.
If you think this will be a post with lots a juicy details... forget it. There are things not to be hung out to dry. If you want some juicy stuff buy a tabloid *smiles*.

Back to monday. I started to accomplish my assigment. Mistress ordered me to go to 10 different shops where they sell animations and stay there for one hour each offering my services to female customers in demonstrating the animations of their choice.
In itself that is not a problem, however i had to dress very lightly. Actually, one could say "hardly dressed": i had to do so only wearing my pumps (of course) and a bikini. Since i always sunbath naked i was surprised to find a few bikini's in my closet, amongst which a rather nice black one. Pity was, that the string covered my tattoo. And stupid me had to comment on that. Reason for Mistress to have a look in Her wardrobe. She came up with the tiniest piece of fabric one can imagine. Grrrr.
So, "dressed" liked that i went to the animationshop, Bits and Bobs for the first part of my assigment.

It was boring most of the time. Except for some horny guys that wanted the obvious, there were some people telling me to dress in public areas. It was a mature sim though.
It was only till the end of my hour that i could make some contacts, one of them use me indeed extensively and wanted to take me to her home to explore me some more.
I do have slaverules, however, that forbid me to accept these kind invitations *smiles*.
All in all i was kept in that shop for almost one and a half hour.

In the evening we dressed up and went dancing. In the Titanic.

The next morning i went to do part 2 of my assignment. I was allowed to wear more clothes.
What happened? I told my lovely new sister Amanda about my assignment and the not so nice encounters i had. She felt sorry for me and told Mistress about it, asking to do something for me. And since Mistress is a most caring Mistres She told me to put on the outfit i won the contest with the other day.I told Her that i preferred to end my assigment in it's original form, but Mistress insisted on the change. Ain't She the best??
So, off i went to Abranimations. I contacted a few ladies but no one was interested in the service i could provide them with. The hour went by quietly and very slow...

In the afternoon i was able to spend some time with Mistress, something that is always the best way possible to pass time. We have long talks and sometimes we do other things. What we do, i hear you ask. Hmmm, use your imagination. *giggles*.

About yesterday there is nothing to tell you. And today? Today Mistress and i went shopping. She bought me a collar. It was Her intention to get me a collar that undoubtedly would look like a collar, yet so elegant that i can wear it at all times. This collar is meant never to be taken off, therefore stay around my neck eternally.
She did buy one without me noticing She did and suddenly She had gone. I was about to ask Her where She went, if She was ready to go to the next collar-shop, when She tp-ed me.....home. Next to the vulcano. There She talked to me and made me submit to Her again. She took off my old collar and put the new one around my neck making sure She locked it securely.

After this little ceremony we joined my lovely sisters Eva and Tasja and did some grouphugging, something we are pretty good at as you can see.

Later in the afternoon i met up with my sister Tasja and we danced for a bit untill i had to leave for supper. We talked about Mistress and organizing inventories and clothes and i told her that we have a new sister, Amanda. I figured they will like eachother.

That's all folks!

Hmmm, i think i did forget to mention something. Yes, now i think off it, it isn't all that insignificant either. Ah, i remember...

Mistress proposed to me and i accepted. We are going to get married!

Just another sunday

Yesterday morning i went to Club Shackles. Eva was there with her girl Brigitte. Ratna, a dear friend of ours was, there too. Brigitte was tied to the rack for everybody to see her. I loved the sight, but somehow i was glad it was her up there and not me.

How little did i know about the rest of the day.....
To make a long story short: a few hours later it was me hanging there and even higher up.

Just a general update

After the memorable day of Mistresses return familylife went back to normal, so there is not all that much to tell you. I will limit myself to presenting you some individual moments.

First off all i like to show you how can be welcomed at our home.

Another thing is that Mistress wanted me to make a sacrifice for Her; She told me She wanted me to be boldheaded untill She decided it would have been enough. So She shaved my head and let me wander about like this.

An interesting moment was when Mistress put Eva up in her own christmasball; the one you all know from earlier posts, but then with me in it. Revenge can be sweet *grins* Love you Eva.

One night Club Noelani re-opened and had a contest for the most sexy dressed girl. We, Mistress, Eva, Amanda and i went here and guess what...????
I won!!!

And last but certainly not least, i was allowed to take a bath with Mistress. For most of you this may sound very trivial. For me, being a virgin in SL, that was quite something.

That particular tuesday

So here is my post on tuesday. I apologize for taking this long, but i do have excuses for that. There were a lot of pictures i had to edit, which took several days. And there was quite some catching up to do within the family, which took a lot of time too.

Finally tuesday was there. The moment i would meet Annemarie for the first time in Her position as my Mistress. Mistress had instructed me how She wanted me to be dressed. I myself decided to be home and waiting for Her arrival and being in Her favorite position, which had been showed to me by Eva.

After welcoming Her and Her inspecting me we had a little ceremony. Mistress officially accepted my submission, making me Hers. Mistress i do love You so much! I will do all to be the very best for You.

Later we kissed to celebrate the official start of our D/s relationship. We had a lot to talk about and we talked a great deal of the afternoon. At some point Mistress had to go and i met up with a lovely girl called Aamanda. I had met Amanda a few weeks ago when being with Miss Eva in a D/s retreat where she was too. We talked some and Amanda confessed she really would like to become Miss Eva's sub. And if i could tell her what Miss Eva likes and how to get the best chance to become Hers. I promised her to talk to Eva and see if i could find out how her chances were.

In the evening we went out dancing. We being Mistress, Eva & her wife Emma and me. We danced the night away. Mistress wanted her first dances with Emma so my beloved Eva and i started it off too. After sometime Mistress decided it was time for the married couple to share some dances and i was invited to dance with Her. My first dances with Mistress. No need to tell i loved every single moment of it.
A little later, Eva and Emma were lying on a sofa at the side, Amanda arrived and the three of them got talking. Then Eva asked Mistres if it was ok for her to take Amanda as her sub (i had not even had the chance to speak on Amanda's behalf!). Mistress agreed and Amanda was allowed to enter her trial with Eva. A very happy day it had been indeed.