An earthquake

The last few days appeared to have been passing by quietly.
I do use the word "appeared" on purpose, since when i logged on this morning there was a message from Mistress Eva waiting for me. A message that turned the world, my world, all our worlds upside down.....

Of course i will not tell you exactly what She told me. The tendency of it was, that She had had a very long and deep talk with Mistress Annemarie last night. The outcome of that was, that Mistress Eva has decided to give me to Mistress Annemarie.
Mistress Eva was in severe doubt whether She had done the right thing; whether She had made me unhappy by giving me away. From her words came so much real love, that it hurt. Love not only for this girl, but also for Mistress Annemarie.
Mistress Eva loved and loves owning me. She felt very strong emotions giving me to Mistress Annemarie, something that make her gift even more precious. What a woman, what a friend....
Her gift was even more special since She had longed to have me for scuh a long time; since She was so proud to be my owner and since the last two weeks She was so happy.

And, although i always called her my "cuddle-Mistress", at this point in Her live She did what i always wanted a Mistress to do with me: She did not ask what i wanted: She decided to give me away, not consulting me. It was the hardest thing She ever had done, especially since i asked Her to never let me go again. I did not mean as a sub, but as Her friend.
She felt guilty having given me away, scared that She would give me the impression She dumped me. Which She did not.
She Herself put it beautifully into words:

My Lizje, to give as a very special gift to my Mistress, on the 15th of January, out off love for them both.

Having read Her message, and responding to it, i wanted so much to talk to Her. I knew however She had to work and we only would have less than an hour in the evening, not long enough by far. To my surprise She came online shortly after me. Her wife Miss Emma was allready at home so she witnessed Mistress Eva releasing me. She looked worried, but Mistress Eva told her what had happened and Emma was very happy for us.
We did a threesome hug and talked untill Emma had to go. Mistress Eva and i moved to the sofa where we lied down and talked for a very long time. And that was not only my wish, but that of Mistress Annemarie as well. She wanted me to stay with Mistress Eva this morning.

I spend the afternoon starting up Miss O's makeover and do some shopping for my second assignment. A few moments of relaxation after the emotions earlier today.
As a big suprise Mistress Annemarie came home. So we were able to hug all of us and i was able to enter Her as my owner in one of my collars. Unfortunately i had to go way too soon.
Later, when Mistress Annemarie and i talked She told me that She wanted me to immediately dress to Her liking. I told Mistress Annemarie, that She might like the white catsuit i was wearing. So especially for Her i include a picture of it in this post.

By the way in future, wher i say Mistress, i mean Mistress Annemarie. Don't you folks forget that!


Eefje Afarensis said...

It was hard. It still is. But when I see the happiness it gave you both. People can't half understand how close we all are. They may read back how long you and I have known each other, how we met, what we did together. But not what we feel deep inside. What a landslide it was when I took you. And not what Annemarie means to both of us in turn, and we to her. But we stay close. All will be well. Not only our Second Lives are welded together, through it we are ourselves are. For ever. We are so much richer for all that.

Olivia said...

It has been a tumultuous period for all of us; I know of Eefje's love and desire for you - and given my own feelings I can have some sense of what this decision means for her.

At the same time my respect and feelings for Miss Annemarie helps me understand Eefje's gift - truly a selfless act of great meaning.

They are all wonderful, this family that you have become part of. And now I feel blessed to be able to stand beside them and count them as important friends in my own life.

But special hugs and a kiss for Eefje ...


LizjeMIJN said...

LizjeMIJN nods; she always will keep on hugging and kissing Eva.

Annemie said...

The gift MY Eefje gave me goes beyond mere human comprehension. Her heart is bigger then this planet. I can never find the words to thank you, my love. You are the sun that warms and illuminates my life.
As for MY LizjeMIJN, yes an earthquake, maybe better a storm, but then the perfect storm. It leaves me with the honour of being your Mistress. I promisse to love, keep and protect you. If Eefje is my sun then you have become a star.

I love you both.


Eefje Afarensis said...

My Annemie, of course I knew how you felt before, but reading it here again brings tears to my eyes and a burning feeling in my gut. I love you both so much!

Thank you for your understanding, Olivia. And you can keep hugging me too!