The first sunday in the new year

I arrived before Mistress so i decided to try on some stuff to see if it fitted properly. Of course Mistress came in while in the suit *smiles*

After checking out my outfit, Mistress took me to Club Shackles again to finish my studies for "snowball-angle". This time there was a real audience.

After the snowball i was put into a glasstable so Mistress could quietly talk to a friended Mistress, the owner of the club.

Later Mistress took me to a dungeon where we had been before. Miss O joined us there. The three of us taked afor some time and later on the Mistress discussed their plans with me while i was stowed away safely.

The day ended great for Mistress: her wife returnedand that made her day *smiles*. I was very happy for Mistress and for Miss Emma too of course.

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