I love you Mistress

When i logged in today Mistress was already there; new plugins were installed in girls mars ring enabling Mistress to control her even more. After Mistress checked out the new features She decided to lock this girl into a cell and for that purpose She choose a glass cell at JYNX retreat. It was the very same cell girl was tempted by earlier this week coïncidence or does Mistress know it all??

Before Mistress put me in the cell we had a talk about rules for this girl. Furthermore we talked about girls friendslist and the groups she has joined; Mistress claimed control over those too. So, sitting in her private little home of glass this girl wrote her Mistress notecards on her friendslist, her list of groups and a concept on her rules. Writing this Mistress has already told girl which friends she should remove from her list; girl was allowed to stay in groups untill she needs to join new groups. Reviewing the slaverules will take more of Mistress' valuable time.

At first it looked as if girl would end up as a Christmas snowball in Club Shackles. Somehow several people turned up gazing at exposed little me.
I wonder if M was responsable for that by publishing my pics in the newspapers or did she put me on Flickr or You Tube? So far for sisterly solidarity. Awwww i just realized M is a switch; it will have been her more devillish side i guess.

But it turned out differently

It was a lovely day suffering from many restrictions and lots of Mistress' attention (smiles *thank You Mistress*).

before you think i am being spoiled there.....have a good look at my face in this last pic

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