A sad day

This sunday morning i was there early waiting for Mistress Annemarie, who would leave us for a week going on a bussinesstrip

A whole week (+) without Her... Of course Mistress Eva and her wife were there to kiss her goodbye.

Mistress Annemarie told me to contact a Ratna Markova, a friend a photographer, to request a photoshoot. I did as i was told and fortunately Ratna had time for me that afternoon. I was very happy with that, since it takes about a week to have the pictures ready. By that time Mistress Annemarie is back home again.

In the evening Mistress Eva took me to a club and we danced the night away.

It was pretty late, but we decided to go to the slavetrainer for me to get my collars to Level 2. Level 2 means that this girl is not able anymore to remove her owners and that she waives her safewords. Mistress Eva thought i deserved a celebrationhug :-)).

I hope i gave you all a reasonably good impression of the last days in my second existence.

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