My flower was taken

So i had a Mistress; i even had a vanilla relationship with my Mistress, but that (of course) was not the end of it. I know what a Mistress demands from a subby like me and i do know what a girlfriend, a fiancee, a wife-to-be wants from me. But.....
In this area i was white as untouched snow, wet behind the ears, green as grass, you name it. In short i still was a virgin; most likely the only one in the whole of SL. *blushes*
In all of my Second Life i only had sex once; a gift from me to my dearest friend Eva. I was the active party at that time, trying to spoil her. So although having had sex, i still was intact.

All off that changed on January 25th. Of course i felt the day coming that She would physically make me Hers. I had been nervous for weeks already.
Would i disappoint Her?
Would i be any good?
Was i able to satisfy Her needs?

She picked my flower. I was not allowed to act, only to react. Give in to Her spoiling me, relax, lay back enjoy. It took me some time to relax, let go off the tension in my body, in my brain, but She was so tender, so loving so attentive that all off those feelings faded away making this a very special event to me.
Never knew that it could be like this! Love you so much my darling.

No, no again no juicy parts. You will have to do with the above.
However magnificent my defloration was, it did not free me from my doubts whether i would be a good lover for my Love. Two days later it was facing that "challenge". i was soo focussed on Her that is lost my nerves real quick. I so wanted her to enjoy, so wanted Her to feel special, so wanted to make Her mine. I hope i did not disappoint You my Love.


Annemie said...

Lizjelief & LizjeMIJN,

You have not and will never disappoint me.
Making love to you, both active and passive, is sheer delight.
You have given me so much and I cherrish all of our time together.
For now and eternity, you make me whole.
My heart misses at least a couple beats whenever we get together.

I adore you

Your Annemie

LizjeMIJN said...

*eyes geting wet*
Thank you so much my Darling

Anonymous said...

I could have told you, mijn Lizje,that you didn't have to worry about being good enough to please Her.
And... I still treasure your gift. It's memory still lets me know how special I was, and am, to you.

Love you, both, beyond telling.