Will She or wil She not......?

That afternoon i was summoned to the dungeon. A new fenomena in our relationship, so i got a little nervous. Not that i don't fully trust my Owner, but i wasn't sure what i would be facing.
To make a long story short, things got sharp.....

Mistress had a huge cissors and She looked more than willing to use them. On me. tracked them along my neck, my throat; threatening. Making me sweat: noooo, i love my skin.
I was reliefed when She took the sharp edge away from my tender flesh, but before i even could take a deep breath She cut my jacket in pieces and ripped it off. Without any consideration for my nice suit She just kept on cutting untill all off my clothes were gone.

After that She ordered me on the rack and kept me there for a little while. Mistress demonstrated her talents as high society hairdressers.........

All the time She managed to keep me on the edge of my emotions. It was a session i have never experienced in SL untill now. I love You for that my Mistress. XXXXXXXXXX

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Olivia said...

Welcome back dearest Annemie :-)
So nice to SEE you again if only via liz's photographs
(kisses to liz for this immediate post!!!)
I can see Mistress has lots of pent-up energy and creativity ...
Poooooor liz
Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi
H! H! H! H! H!
Love you both
Olivia xXxXxXxXxXx