The day before.....

Yesterday it wasn't all that certain we would continue having a wedding friday 13th. It all depended on how our guests would react. If many of them would have told us they would not come we would have been forced to pospone the double wedding, but in fact almost everybody reconfirmed being present. So we decided to proceed and have our single wedding.

Today, was the day before; a day of last preparations. For me that meant not only the last preparations on the church, the weddingscript, the photographer, inviting all guests to join the Wedding Group, but also the finishing touch to my Life's new land and not in the least the finishing touch to myself. Mistress granted me the privilige to wear some "wedding-decoration" on my body, adding a touch of D/s to the wedding. Love You for that my Mistress!

After Mistress had finished decorating Her girl, she needed to rest and i set myself to work.
First i went to the new land to finish that so far. It really has become a lovely place with te rosegarden, the borders at the long side, the little harbour with the sailingboat and the swans and not to forget the cottage itself. Seeing the pics of me inside the house makes me very proud. On this land too i found myself a musing spot; somehow i seem to need such places.

After this i went to the church for a last inspection. It all looked pretty and i was confident that we (me, my fabulous sister Tasja and the equally fabulous Miss O) had done a good job. The last days the trees were planted and a waitingroom for the brides, next to the church, had been set up. It all looked just fine. Nevertheless, it appeared a good thing to do the final check since we discovered that to many of the benches were standing out of chatrange from Miss O's desk. That meant that people would not be able to hear her speak unless we would install a PA-system. So we re-arranged the benches so that only the ones at the back would be out of range. That would not be a problem since we did not expect more than 40 guests.

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