The next sunday, the next doctor's visit

This week passed like sand sliding through the fngers of ones hand. Building on my Life's new land, decorating the church and other weddingpreparations and being pregnant.

We had to go to the clinic for my weekly check up; today my blood would be examened too. Our little Annemiek is doing very well: she put four extra pounds on the scale, making me weight no less than 61 kg! In spite of all the activities and the stress caused by them my bloodpressure appeared to be perfect 109/ 81 (!) as did my temperature: 36,9 °C.
All in all my physical condition is very good.
Dr. Tracee asked how i coped with the cramps and heartburn.
Of course i do have them, but up to now all is bearable.
However, i do not hope that my little precious one is going to be a footballplayer: she's kicking like crazy at times *smiles happily*.
Then the doctor got to the point where we really came for today: checking little Miek's heartrate, meaning that we would hear her heart beat for the first time. Her heartrate was just fine (144), but that sound!!!!!! Put it on my iPod and i will not listen to anything else anymore.......

Returned home, where my Life's already furnished cottage was waiting for us, we shared our emotions for a little while. We are sooooo happy!!
No need to tell Y/you, follower of this blog, that in our situation every happy occasion has it's dark edge. The clouds are not always so clearly present, but for me personnally goes that i live, having them constantly in the background. Don't get me wrong on this: i am happy, very very happy for that matter. I love my Life so dearly i will do anything she possibly could ask me in our vanilla as well in our D/s relationship, but i do find it very hard to completely forget, even temporary .......

Anyway, this is the happiest time in my life, with my Life: being pregnant with her, getting married really soon, making her happy, having wonderfull loving sisters. What else could a girl wish for?

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