A sad wednesday...

After last weekend i worked hard like i did the past weeks; my Life was so thrilled and wanting to have her new land ready. The wedding coming real close now and the feeling there still was so much to do.

Then wednesday came. I logged in early, as usual on wednesdays, and then got the sad news of Emma's granny having passed away. Poor Emma needed our presence for some time before being up to the long drive to her parents home. So my Life, Miss O and little me stayed with her for about one and a half hours, trying to comfort her and giving her advices to drive safely.

This sad event meant of course, that Emma would not be able to be present at her own wedding, so the double wedding suddenly turned into a single one.
I spend the most of the day talking to the weddingguests letting them know what happened. The rest of my time i used to re-write the script for the ceremony. All day having Emma and her granny in the back of my mind.

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