An average day.....

In this post i want to share with you an average day in SL. In between i did some shopping and a little building for a friend of the family, Miss O.

An update on my girl

This post will not be very long. I received an update on my beloved Annemie: she is hospitalized and taken into isolation, since the tests showed it wasn't her cancer that caused the problems, but a viral infection. Curable but therefore not any better. I will have to wait and see how long this is going to take.


My wife, my Life, is not getting any better in fact her condition is worse than ever before. She not only tells me about it, but one can easily tell by her online times. She comes online only once a day and for a very short while. She does not come online on the times she used to be here, times that we can spend together, times that are pretty inconvenient for her, times she used to come only for me. The fact she is not able to do so, is not a good sign so i am relieved she is going to the hospital tomorrow to have this problem checked out.

Today she only came in my evening and it was nice for them that most of my sisters were there, so they could hug Annemie and talk to her. After a while, when all had her turn and she had the time to talk to me, i told her that i set up the babyroom.
No need to ask if she cared to see it... *smiles*. So i took her upstairs to the towerroom, where our little precious one was sleeping in her crib.

My sister Tasja misses her new bride Amanda very much. They agreed on a little ritual to feel somewhat together during Amanda's absence: every night they drink coffee "together". Amanda in the place where she is and Tasja set up a small coffee-table in the livingroom at home.
Isn't that soooo sweet? I hope the time will fly for you both!

Hmmm, i almost forgot: i put up a "don't disturb-sign on the babyroomdoor, please respect that and do not wake up little Miekje.

The day(s) after.........

Nothing much happened actually since Miekje's birth, except being busy with our little princess . My sisters have seen more of her and even were able to hold her as this picture of my beloved sister Tasja shows.

This second photo i send to my Life, better even, to her nurse, with who i do talk frequently either by email or chat. She had the pic printed out and framed and put it at Annemie's bedside so she would see it when she woke up.

This brings me to a sad issue, a very sad one actually. It looks as if my Life is not able to regain her strength and in fact is getting worse little by little. I will not share details with you all, but the future does not look too bright *fights back her tears*.
I know she wants so much to make it to the summer, but for now i just hope she will be able to enjoy a lovely spring as much as possible.

So i have a request to all of you out there: email her from time to time; let her know she is in your thoughts. She loves that. If you don't have her emailadres, please use mine. I will forward your message to her.

A great day thanks to that little miracle

Finally the day had come, that my delivery was due. I had suffered quite some labor pains and, since the doctor had succeeded in posponing the delivery, i was more than ready to give birth.
I was so happy that my Life was able to be there with me this time. I could not bare the thought of going through this all alone.

I still owe you my decission on which delivery suite it was going to be, and the winner is..... delivery suite number 2

My Life and i were in the clinic early so we were able to relax and settle in. We danced for a while, slow, and created a nice intimate atmosphere. Later we filled the tub and continued our relaxation in the comforting water ... me leaning backwards against Annemie, which gave my back the support it needed so badly; being there with my Life gave me the emotional rub i could not do without.

At some point the doctor joined us in the delivery suite and shortly after my water broke. The contractions i have had all day became even more frequent and more severe and the hard times began.

After some time (was it 20 minutes or 20 hours?) our little princess saw the light of day:
Miek was born on April 19th, 06.25 AM SLT. We call her Annemiek Annemarie Niekerk and of course she is the most beautifull baby in the whole universe. No doubt about that.

A little redhead, just like her mum. If her personality matches that of her mum, i will face a hard future i am afraid *smiles ever so happy*.

My Life was so incredibly happy and that made it even better for me. It was so good to see her like this. Thinking of her situation, her illness, made the whole event so emotional, so beautiful.
I really am honoured that i have been allowed to do this for her to be loved by her so much.
I fear the future.......

Back home we talked a little while, overwhelmed by that little fragile human being, that has entered our lives. My Life had bought a basket full of fun stuff for Miekje and to my suprise she had bought me something very nice too *cries happy*.

The whole thing had drained my Life emotionally so she left to get the rest she needs so badly, leaving me the opportunity to show Miek off to my sisters.

At some point little Miek got hungry so i had to breastfeed her *smiles tenderly*.

My sister Amanda was on for the last time, since she had to go away for a few weeks. She and her wife Tasja gave us a complete baby furniture set!! So very, very sweet of you girls. I love you!!

A big day - wednesday April 15th 2009

Today my dear sisters Tasja and Amanda we to be married.
I have had the good (?) fortune *giggles* to be allowed to plan their wedding. I will not say to much about it all, but let the pictures tell the story.
My sisters wanted to get married in a small church, so i set that up as i told you in an earlier post. The party afterwards was planned in our own backyard. That would be big enough, since they expressed their wish to have a small guestlist. One person on that list should be mentionned here, since it was far from sure She would be able to make it and i think noone is offended when i say She was the most important guest: of course i am referring to my wife and Mistress, the head of our family: Annemarie Niekerk.

What nobody knew, except for me (of course), was that Tasja had a little extra surprise for her wife: a little boattrip with a boat called "Navygirl - Ozland". With that they arrived at the partyground where they were welcomed by their guests.
I was more tense up front then for my own wedding, hoping the girls would like what i had created for them. I think i can safely say they did *big smile*.
To my utmost surprise they did have a surprise for me too; totally unnecessairy of course, but very much appreciated. Thanks my loves and congrats again to the both of you!!

So, i have said enough, here are the pics. Don't complain about the quantity; there are only 25 in here. remember, i took over 300.