HAPPY 2009

I want to start wishing all (two?) readers of my blog a verry happy and healthy 2009. I hope for you this year will bring you all you wish for.

So now i have done that i can try to update you. Yesterday Mistress parked me in JYNX, fully naked an told me i had to stay there unless She or Miss O would tp me.
When i logged on the next morning (the morning of the 31st of December) i wandered around the place and ended up for a very tempting cage. Not only did i like the cage, the cage liked me too. It was trying to seduce me to enter it, but i knew i belong to Mistress now and i cannot act am my own impulses. I put my hands over my ears in order not to hear the cage talking to me.

Fortunately Miss O came and summonned me to join Her in Her home. She put my neck-corset back on and tried to leash anywhere function which worked indeed.

After having solved that She took me to another room where She put me in a glasscage. She wanted to talk to me and apparently She thinks this pose is the best way for a Mistress and a girl to talk *smiles*.

A little while later Mistress returned and joined us. I don't know what these tow did talk about, but i am certain i will find out in the (near?) future.

The clock headed towards midnight so W/we had to go to RL and celebrate the start of our new year. After W/we returned into our second lifes Mistress and girl celebrated the newborn year and danced the night away.

Mistress would not be Mistress if She would not if She had not turned a romantic dance into a D/s thing: She stripped me off my clothes and danced with me being naked for everybody to see.

At the end of the night, before going off to bed, Mistress locked me away in a cell in the rocks, where i had to wait till She would come to get me.