The first day of....

New Years day was pretty boring, at least a big part of it.
The day started nice with me waking up and Mistress in front of my cell. She took me out and we went to the AnnA-shop to get the remote for her to controle me and after that we bought the Kinky remote server too.
Mistress tried the AnnA-remote with force tp and She took me to some place (don't know what of course) and put me in a position She seems to find very appealing.

At some point Mistress had to leave for rl and told me to wait for Her. We were in a gallery of a friend of Hers that had pics of Mistress too. I found the one She has in Her profile so i waited there for Her.

After Her return W/we joined some of Mistress' friends. After a while Mistress told me She had to leave again, but that Miss O would summon me. It took quite sometime before Miss O arrived and by the time we were at Her home Mistress had returned too.

Miss O has built a prison which, i am afraid, will accomodate me in (the near) future.On top of it She had placed 4 walleyes to chain me up, but for some reason She could not get me on more than one leash. Trying to fix this costed a considerable time and did not lead to the result She was looking for. Finally She gave up.

After that Mistress and i have been busy getting the RLV folder work properly: Mistress appeared not to be able to put on/off my collars using the RLV folder. Working on this issue i discovered i could detach my locked collars which should not be possible. We did not solve the problem though, even more annoying since we had been working on the RLV folder earlier today since i apparently used characters that are interfering in the proper functioning of the RLV folder. So most of my day in SL was waisted on waiting and trying to get things working. I went off to bed hoping for better days to come....


The thought occurred to me, that all these new features in SL may be very nice in theory, but the creators failed to make them easy to use. It seems as if one has to have a degree in ITC to be able to work with them. That is not good, since there are lots of people, being "ITC-blondes". If they stay behing because of that or even worse, leave SL, SL will eventually suffer instead of benefit from these new possibilities.