Monday January 5th

The day started off with Mistress in a beautifull dress. I asked Her if She had gone out danncing with Her wife, Miss Emma, which was not the case.
Mistress wanted to check out a new device in Miss O's dungeon so that was what happened.

After that we went to the retreat where some girls of the owner joined us. One of them negociated with Mistress about permission to use me. She got what she wanted and was allowed to tie me up the japanese way. While being busy with that Mistress had to leave us for a while.

In the time Mistress was away the Mistress of the other girls arrived.
She was pretty much upset. What i didn't know was that nudity nor play was allowed on the beach. So the girl tat had tied me up was being punished for that. Apparently the other girl had "earned" her share of punishment so Miss I told us to follow Her to the dungeon. After consulting Mistress Miss I locked me in a cell and occupied Herself with Her girls. I could see and hear it all. Of course Miss I draw the most attention With the dress She wore She looked a damned sexy Mistress. oopsss sorry Mistress Eva, You are very sexy too. *blush*.

The day ended with Mistress hanging me to dry.....

The first sunday in the new year

I arrived before Mistress so i decided to try on some stuff to see if it fitted properly. Of course Mistress came in while in the suit *smiles*

After checking out my outfit, Mistress took me to Club Shackles again to finish my studies for "snowball-angle". This time there was a real audience.

After the snowball i was put into a glasstable so Mistress could quietly talk to a friended Mistress, the owner of the club.

Later Mistress took me to a dungeon where we had been before. Miss O joined us there. The three of us taked afor some time and later on the Mistress discussed their plans with me while i was stowed away safely.

The day ended great for Mistress: her wife returnedand that made her day *smiles*. I was very happy for Mistress and for Miss Emma too of course.