A lot to tell...... part 1

Last time i did not have a lot to say. The last few days were so hectic, that i did not even had the time to post here. It has been too much, too confusing may be. I really don't know what to write, where to begin.
I think i just start somewhere and see where it leads me.

For starters: Mistress Eva introduced me to my sisters, my new family and i only can say that they all are very nice girls: Brigitte, Miss Emma, Julie, Tasja.

A few days ago Miss Annemarie told me that Miss O had requested to talk with Her. That talk would take place later that day (read: night). Miss O still wasn't all that happy about the way things had gone.
I myself met up with Miss O that day and we talked about my earlier remark about Her clothing. This resulted in the planning of a "Miss O makeover". As Miss O told me She wants to look:

"I wish to walk into a room ... and the conversation to stop ... there will be a pause as I step into the room .... and as I proceed along the whispers start 'who is she' 'she must be famous' 'she is beautiful' 'she is fabulous' 'she must be rich' 'she is so sexy' 'she is elegant' ..."

We also talked about where my blog was heading: since the Crystal Cave RP began the blog did turn into a diary more then being a place of contemplation. We decided that it isn't bad and that there still is room to be contemplative occassionally. Reading back the diary after some time is nice too. Like holiday pictures you look at after a while: you relive your holiday again. Not that i would want to call my SL a holiday... Far from it.

Miss Annemarie also told me that my introduction in Her family had caused some ruffles in the pond. Especially since my entrance was highly unexpected. I told Her, that if me being here would cause problems i would leave so the family would be able to get back to normal.
When i returned online later that night Miss Annemarie told me She had talked to Her girls and welcomed me into Her family. I even got my own room (read: cell) in the lighthouse near the mainhouse. That made me very happy.

I think this covers more or less January 8 with may be a little of the 7th and 9th, but it seems wise to create a break at this point in order to avoid a too long post.