A sad day

This sunday morning i was there early waiting for Mistress Annemarie, who would leave us for a week going on a bussinesstrip

A whole week (+) without Her... Of course Mistress Eva and her wife were there to kiss her goodbye.

Mistress Annemarie told me to contact a Ratna Markova, a friend a photographer, to request a photoshoot. I did as i was told and fortunately Ratna had time for me that afternoon. I was very happy with that, since it takes about a week to have the pictures ready. By that time Mistress Annemarie is back home again.

In the evening Mistress Eva took me to a club and we danced the night away.

It was pretty late, but we decided to go to the slavetrainer for me to get my collars to Level 2. Level 2 means that this girl is not able anymore to remove her owners and that she waives her safewords. Mistress Eva thought i deserved a celebrationhug :-)).

I hope i gave you all a reasonably good impression of the last days in my second existence.

A lot to tell...... part 2

The next morning Miss Annemarie talked to me about the long talk She had wit Miss O during my night. We decided that it would be wise to have another talk with Miss O so there would not be left any unclearities about Her future and mine. Miss Annemarie wanted to do so, but i told Her that i needed to talk to Miss O myself, although i was afraid off doing so.

Miss Annemarie asked me if i would accept Her as my (co-)owner and i told her i did. I gave Miss Annemarie some notecards about me:

a summary of my (dis-)likes,
an overview of my bdsm-equipment
my current friendslist as well as the initial friendslist (in which was info about each friend, enabling Mistress Eva to tell me which friends could stay in and who could not)
a listing of the groups of which i am a member
the chartflow of my RLV folder

At some point Miss O came online and i IMed Her, requesting to be invited to Her place. Of course i will not tell you readers about what was said in that talk, essentiall is, that i wanted to make clear to Miss O that i did not see a future for us as a D/s couple. I wanted to do so with as much consideration as i have in me, since i really do like Miss O and i did not want to hurt her in any way. The outcome was that Miss O told me She had to consider Her options and that She would take some days to do so.
We still are friends and She still wanted me to help Her with Her make over. I am very happy with that.

On my return home Miss Annemarie wanted me to tell Her about my talk with Miss O and She told me She was proud of me.

in the evening Mistress Eva took me to a women-only D/s Club where She put me in shibari bondages. If i liked that? What do you think Mistress????

Of course we too did talk about my conversation with Miss O. At some poiint Mistress Eva asked me "would You have accepted Miss Annemarie as your Mistress, even if i would not have taken your keys some days ago?". I answered that i would have done so if we would have had similar talks as if we had the last few days. I think my answer made her happy.

This one i don't want to keep away from you; it reminds Mistress Eva of me. No, not that i am a puppygirl, but the vulnerabilty she shows. Hmmmm, love You Mistress!

Saturday January 10th

That morning i had a long talk with (now) Mistress Annemarie. We talked about a variety of topics and i am not going to tell you all what they were. I will make only one comment on this: Mistress Annemarie and i do have this kind of talks more often and it brings us pretty close to eachother.
After this talk i had to leave for RL not to return before later that evening. Both my Mistresses were there and they decided to go dancing, taking me with them. I was looking forward to that (Mistress Eva has learned me to enjoy it), but my Ladies had other plans for me: they put me up in a display cage while they went dancing and..... (shhhhh).

Of course i ended up in a cage; this time in the dungeon of Mistress Annemarie.