My first assigment by Mistress A

Today Mistress Annemarie gave me Her first assignment. I had to dress up (or was it down) into sexy lingerie and go to a lesbian club. Not just any club, but a crowded one.
I had to stand there for one hour using a pose Mistress had given me. If someone started talking to me i was allowed to answer. I had to speak however in one-word-sentences, which was very frustrating. That was not the worst part of it though. The most humiliating was, that i realized very well how annoying the way i was speaking was for other people.

I stood there for 45 minutes, very pleased with the company of Miss Emma, when the sim crashed. Relog took some time and when i was back in i found myself at home again. I tried to get back to the sim in order to complete my hour there, but it appeared the sim still was down.
What to do now? I decided that this meant i did not fullfill my task and that i had to do it, so i choose another club and went there. I stood there for an hour and completed my assigment.

Striking was, that people are not prepared to approach a girl in a position like me. Are they afraid to seek contact or do they just think i am a modell that poses tere and should be left alone? I don't know. In RL it is the same in my experience. May be people are not as openminded as they themselves think they are.