Saturday, January 17th

Today is saturday. The day Mistress will return finally comes closer now. I cannot wait till She is back.
Yesterday nothing much happened, except of course my morning talk with Mistress. I still had to do two posts in my blog and i have the assignments Mistress gave me a few days back. Mistress gave priority to my blog and allowed me to pospone my assignment.
I had already done some shopping for the first one; i only had to sort things out. See if i could create an outfit from it, that could meet Mistresses wishes. So, after having updated my blog, i went back home to work on that. I was able to finish it, meaning that today i really had to go and do my assignment.
I was somewhat nervous about it; what would Mistress think of the outfit i had chosen; how would the assignment go?; what would happen? I took off my clothes and started to put on the things Mistress told me to wear. I decided to put on the spreaderbar on my arrival at the Ranch, since i cannot move once attached.

I started wearing my lingerie, my stockings and my pumps, as i know Mistress likes me to wear stockings and pumps at all times.

Next i put on the nipple clamps with those big weights....
auch! Thank You Mistress.

The neckcorset and the singleglove followed....

Then the negligé and finally as a last check, the spreaderbar

All seemed fine and off i was to the Ranch

The time passed very slowly, since not many people tried to contact me or comment on me. Only two send me an IM, which i responded to in open chat using one of the three (emote-)sentences Mistress has given me. In a way i felt rude towards them, since my IM wasn't blocked.
Anyway, not being bothered much gave me time to feel how i miss the presence of my Mistress,
How much i long for Her to return home.

There still is one thing i want to share with you, something that always wonders me. Why do so many Dominants think they can order around every submissive that crosses their paths? In my experirence (RL) this only is done in so called level 2 parties, parties with stricter codes on dressing and behaviour. Today a "Domme" approached me ordering me to answer her in IM. When i answered her in open chat, refusing to IM, she asked why. As if i am not owned.....