A request.....

Yesterday was a real sunday: nothing much going on. So i tried to take the opportunity to work on my next of Mistresses assignments: putting up a fashionshow. I did do a rough sorting out of all the new clothes i bought over the past few days. It took me almost all day due to the "help" of SL.
I must say i bought quite some clothes *blushes*. Anyway it left me just enough time to do some dancing with Eva.
The fashionshow will be at Miss Olivia's home at the poolside. I do not know whether Mistress secretly plans it to be a public show or that it will be kept privately.

Now you all know how i spend my sunday here is my request: over time i learned that there are more people following my blog than i expected. Amongst them are people that i never would have thought they are interested in reading my blog. I put quite a lot of time into it (i know that does not say anything about it's quality) and i would like to know who is reading my blog. So i would like to ask you all to make yourself known as follower of my blog. You can do so by clicking on the link "follow this blog" at the bottom of the sidebar at the left. I surely would appreciate it if you would make that effort. Thank Y/you A/all.
Kisses LIzjeMIJN, loving sub of Mistress Annemarie Niekerk.