Just a general update

After the memorable day of Mistresses return familylife went back to normal, so there is not all that much to tell you. I will limit myself to presenting you some individual moments.

First off all i like to show you how can be welcomed at our home.

Another thing is that Mistress wanted me to make a sacrifice for Her; She told me She wanted me to be boldheaded untill She decided it would have been enough. So She shaved my head and let me wander about like this.

An interesting moment was when Mistress put Eva up in her own christmasball; the one you all know from earlier posts, but then with me in it. Revenge can be sweet *grins* Love you Eva.

One night Club Noelani re-opened and had a contest for the most sexy dressed girl. We, Mistress, Eva, Amanda and i went here and guess what...????
I won!!!

And last but certainly not least, i was allowed to take a bath with Mistress. For most of you this may sound very trivial. For me, being a virgin in SL, that was quite something.