More updating......

As you all know my sexlife did not exist. Untill i met Annemie and we fall in love and She took my virginity. Nowadays we have a very romantic and sexual life. And not only for the fun of it.

As you can see it is not all plain sex; we have lots of tender moments. It was the sex however that lead to my current condition: WE ARE PREGNANT!!

Doing the pregnancy test, finding out i am expecting, made us so happy and proud. Personally i am honoured to be allowed to carry Annemie's baby. It is the best that ever happened to me. Love you so much schatteke.
Of course this lead to even more tender moments as my darling wife-to-be likes so much lying om my growing tummy, giving little kisses on it. *smiles happily*

I want to end this post with a few pictures of me on my musing spot in our garden. We bought some additional land, which not only gave us more prims but also more space. Since the old land was mainly used to set up our home, this plot has been set up as a little park with some nice spots where we can relax.

Happy birtday....

Today, 22 february 2009, my sister Eva celebrated her first rezzday. Unlike me, she has a loving family surrounding her and she got sent cards to congratulate her and of course gifts were there too for her. Happy rezzday my Eva, i hope that many more will follow!

In the afternoon my lovely sisters Tasja and Amanda were there and they gave Eva a nice present. The present was fully in line with Eva's likings, but somehow i suspect their was a tiny spot of selfishness in it too. Look and judge for yourself.....

Later that day my love and i bought Eva a nice gown, which she is wearing in the picture.

And this is how Eva says thank you. Consider yourself warned.